Friday, September 12, 2014

Hanna's big day of surprises (Day 2, Part 2)

Soooooooooo this is Hanna's BIG day of surprises!!! the next surprise came very quickly upon our return to the Kifle's and BEFORE breakfast #2 even!! Oooooooooo, this surprise was my FAVORITE surprise of all and the biggest, AWESOMEST surprise everrrr came!!! Seyon told Hanna that on Sunday she wanted to be baptized!!! Talk about AWESOME!!!  I was like SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO HAPPY to hear this!!!
Okaaaaaay sooooooooo we got back and its time for BREAKFAST #2!!!
The only thing I really remember was the barley stuff we ate...ACTUALLY I didn't even know what it was til later, I just ate it and it was GOOOOOD!!! I asked Hanna, what was that rice stuff we ate for breakfast that wasn't rice??? She said its barley, which is HEALTHIER than rice!!! I'm like, YEAH go Ethiopian food!!!
Here me and Seyon, Hanna's cousin were conspiring together, even tho we had only known each other for less than 24hrs at this point, we were pretty much instant BESTIES!!!
What we were conspiring at the moment WAS...that Hanna had ANOTHER surprise and that was that our dear friend, Kendra Thaler, (Hair blog chic) was coming in as a surprise for her graduation. The original plan had been for us to go to Peets for breakfast and Kendra would just be there, PROBLEM was that Hanna could NOT understand WHY Anali kept insisting on going to Peets when, when we had just gone to Starbucks with Coco!!! LOL So Anali is textin me telling me to help her get Hanna to Peets...sooooooooo then me and Seyon were conspiring,
which turned into Seyon telling Hanna that she really just wanted to try this PEETS place that she kept hearing about...annnnnd NOW Hanna is looking at her like she just grew a second head because Seyon doesn't even drink Coffee!!! Seyons like, the TEA HANNA, I really, really want to try that tea...MEANWHILE, Sis. Kifle, Hanna's grandma and aunt are in the kitchen telling us to come and eat their breakfast...Finally I just told Coco that we needed his help with Hanna for this whole Kendra surprise, so he said that he would talk to Anali annnnnnnd THEN bammmm like ten minutes later....
Aparently, Coco just told them to come over to the house and have breakfast theres a bright IDEA...I don't know why none of us had thought of that!!! LOL Liiiiiiiike DUH!!!
Annnnnnnnnnnd then Hanna was freaking out!!!
Sooooo shocked, happy and excited!!! HUGS!!!
Then AFTER we at breakfast at the house, we all decided, HEEEEEY why NOT go to PEETS anyways...sooooooooooo YES, we had a 3rd breakfast at PEETS!!! Weeeeellll I mean just coffee really...buuuuuuut yeah that's still breakfast!!! LOL.
Then after all that it was time for Hanna to start getting ready for her graduation, after we are all ready, Coco is picking her up to take her over there, she looked soooooo pretty, she is walking out the door, i'm like, Ummmmm... do you need to take your graduation gown with you??? She like GASPS and is like, OH YES!!! I was like, Oh yeah, I was kinda just wondering...I'm kinda STILL just in shock that I actually helped someone remember something!!! ANOTHER BIG SURPRISE!!! BAHAHA!!!
So me, Anali and Kendra went to the graduation together...we were a lil mesmerized before hand by the vanity mirrors they had going on in the bathroom...Or at least I was!!!
Awwwwwwwww sooooooooooooo CUUUUUTE!!!
Me, Anali, Kendra...btw she is pregos...
Sooooooooo this graduation ceremony was sooooooooo LONG annnnnnd this one speaker was soooooooooooooooooooooooooo long and BORING!!
 Hanna texted us all this pic during the ceremony...
BAHAHAHA!!! Then we were a group texting her from our seats!!!
So during the ceremony I hear one of Hanna's brother's talking behind us, I think it was Abel, he's like, its REALLY dark in here, and the gowns are dark, and the caps are dark, AND MY SISTER IS DARK, this is not a good combo!!! LOLOLOL!!!
Then FINALLY it was OVERRRRR!!!!
Annnnnnnnnnnnnd we all bombarded her with hugs and pics!!!
Awwwwwww Mesgana!!! I looooove this kid!!!
 Hanna with her parent's, Bro. and Sis. Kifle!!!
Me and Jen in the middle of everything else just like, FORGET ALL THEM, lets take our own pic together!!! LOL
 Anali and Kendra designed Hanna's cap for her...I think that's supposed to be a heartbeat buuuuuuut whoever's heart that is just has ISSUES...I think they NEED A NURSE!!! LOLOL
Theeeeeeeeeeeen we went back to the Kifle's and it was time to EAT!!! Oooooooooooo YEAH!! I don't know how we were all starving after three breakfasts, buuuuuuuuuuut we were!!!!

Hanna's aunt had brought with her all the way from florida, FROZEN IN HER SUITCASE, frozen food in huge Tupperware containers!!! I was like, NOOOOOOOOOO WAAAAAY!!! THAT IS SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO AWESOME!!!! Seriousley, I THOUGHT ONLY MY FAMILY DOES STUFF LIKE THAT!!! I had even thought about bringing some of my taco meat frozen in a container so that I could make Mar Bear tacos while I was out there, buuuuuut I was like, NO, they'll be like EWWWW or thts WEIRD!!! Buuuuuuuuuut her Aunt DID IT!!! Like TOTAL kindred spirits with me...I was like OMW I LOOOOVE THIS LADY!!!
Anywayz, here is my plate of food...Hanna's Aunt's spaghetti is sooooooo GOOOOOD!!! Oooooooooooo annnnnnnnnnd the Ethiopian ice tea...I took a sip annnnnd was like, Aaaaaaah...I've waited a year to taste this again!!! Btw: I forgot to tell you this Hanna, buuuuuuuuut soooooooo you know how you brought me that mixture of spices for the tea, weeeeellll I made it again reusing the spices from the previous batch annnnnnnnnd it turned out AMAZING!!!
 Buuuuuuuuuuuuut THEN I made it again just one more time annnnnnnnnnnd...IDK whaaaaaaaaaat happened...obviously I need to work on it a lil bit more...buuuuuuuut I gave some to Stultz to try.....His eyes were like BUGGY!!! Then he was all trying to act like he liked it...I was like DUDE WHATEVERRR...buuuuut I'm like, NO REALLY don't judge Ethiopian Ice tea off of my vanilla-girl-skills, you really gotta TRY SIS. KIFLE'S ETHIOPIAN ICE TEA!!! It is soooooooooo THEBOMB.COM!!!!
Here we all are just chowing away and talking and talking LAUGHING!!!!
Bro. Jeremy Jeans, IDK if you all know who he is, but he is the youth leader in Bro. Rushings church, anyway, that dude has NEVERRRR met a stranger and he had us all laughing the whole time!!! And this Sister from Jamaicca, I forget her name but she just kept having these even MORE HILARIOUS comeback for was HILARIOUS!!!
The only thing I specifically remember being said, was the guys messin with Anali, I think it was Coco who said, She talks SO MUCH and SO FAST that her words actually have a traffic jam coming out!!! LOLOL That was really funny!!!
 Here is Hanna looking all BEAUTIFUL in her grad outfit!!! Btw: I'm the one that found and picked out that shirt for Hanna...notice the SLIGHT of AHEM...shiny at the bottom?? Hee, hee!!!
NOw she is opening her gifts...she is all excited cuz Jen got her this watch that she really, really wanted!!! It had like this white leather band and stuff...I think it looked very NURSEish!!!
She was really happy and super surprised about it!!!
(You'll see Anali's gift tomorrow!!!)
Next we all gathered in the Kifle's living room and everyone started messing around with singing and stuff...
THEN we all BEGGED Kendra to sing a solo for us!!! I have been like DYING pretty much all my life to hear this girl sing...ANNNNNNNNNND FINALLY SHE AGREED!!!
All I can say is WOW!!! Not only does she have an AMAZING voice, that girl is ANNOINTED!!! She sang, I think, The blood that Jesus shed for me, WAAAAAAY BACK on Calvary and Seriousley you guys, you could feel the presence of God come into that room right then while she sang!!! I was ready to have CHURRRRRCH!!!
After the church music, the guys moved on to singing The I LOVE Chicken song...You know the one that says, I'll bust the windows out your car, I thought I saw Church's box...I'm takin that chicken out your car...Im addicted to chicken...WE were like HYSTERICAL!!!
After that we all decided that it was time for DESERT...we went to this ice cream shop...forget what its called...I got the best combo everrrr tho...Chocolate peanut butter...OH YES, praise THE LORD...GOD IS GOOD!!!
Then we're all sitting around enjoying our selves, about to get a group photo annnnnnnnnnnd BAMMMM here comes Hanna's LAST surprise of the day!!!
We all started choking and coughing like really bad!!! Some punk kids were messing around a few tables away and sprayed it...the whole ice cream parlor had to evacuate!!! After that we all went home...well back to the Kifle's for me.
Then when we got back, Hanna, me, Seyon, Sis. Kifle, Hanna's Aunt and Hanna's grandma all started preparing the food for the graduation party the next day! Me and Hanna and Seyon were outside cutting up tons of fruit for this totally AMAZING fruit salad we were going to have!!!
THEN Hanna was trying to remember everything that we needed to take to the park the next day for her party, I was like, Do you think maybe you should right a list???? She was like oh yeah that's A GOOD idea!!! I'm just like, WAIT, DID I JUST TELL SOMEONE TO WRITE A LIST??? ANOTHER SHOCKING SURPRISE FOR THE DAY!!! What in the world is happening to me?!?!?!?! AHAHAHAHAHA!!!
Then at like Mid-night, Hanna was like, Okaaaaaaaay I THINK everything is all done, we just NEED TO EAT, and then we can go to bed!!! I was like, WAIT WHAAAAAT??? We're eating??? AGAIN??? I mean, at this point i'm having great difficulty trying to figure out how this whole family isn't 600 pounds??? Anywayz, I ATE!!! Yummmmmmy ETHIOPIAN FOOD!!!!!!! Sooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo GOOOOD!!!
Then Hanna and I went to bed on our couches,
AHAHAHA!!! Yes REALLY that was how day 2 ended...discussing BREAKFAST!!!
♥Mary Frances :)