Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Which CLASS???

Soooooooooo last night Tommy and I got to the church with all the kids...its CHAOS as usual as we walk into the sanctuary. We get the kids into our row and we're trying to get them all calmed down and stuff! So we're on the second row and in front of us is the Abbotts and Stultz and Bro. Seth and Sis. Alyssa come over to us and Seth is asking me something about the kids...buuuut ya know its total chaos and everyone's calling MARY to tattle to me about someone else...SOOOO YA KNOW, I'm a little SCATTERBRAINED...which I kinda am ANYWAYZ!!!
Weeeeeellll Seth is asking me if all the kids that are with me are Middle Class??? Sooooooo I'm like WHAAAAAT??? Cuz like, I mean, I'm not really one to dwell on someone's CLASS, WHY is Bro. Seth asking me this??? Altho, I'm thinking in my mind that MIDDLE CLASS may be a little bit to HIGH of an aim for this group...I mean, like I said, I'm NOT ONE TO JUDGE OR CARE, buuuuuuuuuuuuut the conversation on the way to church was on who's parent's get food stamps, (Which would be ALL) bed bugs annnnnd FREE OBAMA PHONES!!! Soooo i'm thinking we maaaaay be a lil lower than middle...buuuuut HEEEEEEY like I said, i'm not really one to care!!!!
Sooooo I'm like weeeeeellll I don't know about middle class buuuuut, SETH's like NOOOOO!!! I said ARE THEY ALL IN THE MIDDLE CLASS!?!?! You know like, Wednesday night Bible classes!!! He's like because I'm leading and I just wanted to know for when I dismiss all the kids to their classes!!!!   I was like, Ooooooooh YOU mean their CLASS HERE??? I THOUGHT YOU MEANT THEIR SOCIAL CLASS!!!!
They were like, Wow Mary! WOW!!! Then me, Stultz, Seth and Alyssa started laughing SOOOOO HARD!!! It was seriously SOOOO HILARIOUS!!! I was like, weeeeeelllll... I was gonna say, does it really matter what class they are in, buuuuuuut I gotta say I thought you were aiming a lil high with THE MIDDLE!!!
♥Mary Frances :)