Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Why I didn't get married young!!!

One of my childhood friends was in town this past weekend, Devi-used-to-be-Abbott, Now Devi Foster!!! For those of you that are unfamiliar with who Devi is, this is Denae Abbott's big sister, my pastor's daughter all my growing up years! Anywayz, Devi Foster was my first friend that I remember making. I was 3 and she was four when she met and I remember her saying that I would just talk and talk and talk to her and she had NO idea what I was saying because I had such a thick New York accent!!! LOL
Anywayz, Devi Foster and her husband Andrew will soon be celebrating their 10th wedding anniversary!!! That's soooooo WEIRD in my mind to think that HERE my friend, that I grew up with, we played baby dolls together, had our first crushes together, were in the youth group together, THEN she got married and that was the first thing I remember doing that wasn't TOGETHER!!!
She has been in a completely different phase of her life of the last TEN  YEARS!!! Meanwhile, I've spent THE LAST TEN YEARS, still being a YOUNG PERSON!!! I have no regrets that God has given me this opportunity to enjoy! I was looking at pics from my late teens annnnnnnnd I just busted up laughing...
I was like, YUP, this is WHY I did NOT get married YOUNG!!!
That's me at my first banquet date!!! AHAHAHA!!! You all can NOT even begin to imagine how crazy-wild-HYPERRR I was as a teen!!! Let me clarify the fact that I was NEVERRR worldly, and I never everrrr wanted to leave the church, buuuuuuuut I wasn't exactly spiritual either if ya know what I mean!!! HAHA!!! Oh the stories...I feel sorry for any man that would have married me at 18...that's ALL I'M SAYING!!! LOL
Sometimes we get sooooo STUCK on, its NOT FAIR!!! Its NOT fair that they're married and I'm NOT!!! One of the best lessons I've ever learned was taught by Bro. Brown, God is NOT FAIR!!! I could sit here all day long boohooing to you all about how its NOT fair that I have a friend that has been married for ten years, has two kids annnnnnnnnd I'm STILL SINGLE!!! BUT I'M NOT!!! Because you know what, ten years ago, it would NOT have been FAIR to any good, Godly man to have married my immature self!!! I wasn't ready to be a wife!!!
God has spent the last ten years maturing me and building character within me! I've always been a few steps behind my peers and slow to mature, so learning to pray and really truly have a walk with God has been a slow process for me throughout my 20's! God knew that I had to learn from failure to get wisdom and he had to break me to put a yearning in my heart for the things of God and a burden for lost souls.  God knew that I have needed this time to grow into what he has made me today and will continue to develop me in the time to come!!!
Because of this I choose to continue to enjoy my life as a single young lady and allow God to continue to mold me into the wife he wants me to one day be!!! We don't always understand God and WHY He does things THE WAY He thinks they should be instead of the way WE think they should be, BUUUUUUUUUUT we don't always need to know!!! As my NEW FAVORITE SCRIPTURE SAYS...
"As for God, his way is perfect..."
(Psalm 18:30)
♥Mary Frances :)