Friday, November 14, 2014

West Coast 2014!!!

West Coast 2014...soooooooo I think we're going to be able to get the whole entire conference in ONE POST!!! soooooooooo THE NON-SPIRITUAL HIGHTLIGHT of the conference for me was that the guys from Attwater guessed me to be SEVENTEEN YEARS OLD!!!! I was like, off the wall hysterical about this, someone else guessed me the first night as 18, and yeah....the oldest I got guessed the whole time was 21....WOOOOOHOOOOOO!!!! Soooooo yeah, the oldest I got guessed was 10 years younger than what I ACTUALLY AM!!! OH YEAH!!!
Now the HEART BREAK OF THE CONFERANCE WAS...the fact that EVEN THO I LOOK YOUNGER...I STILL WAS NOT ALLOWED TO GO TO THE YOUTH NIGHT!!! Waaaaaaaaaahhhhh!!! Total BUMMMMMERRRRRR!!!  Yeah, I know that the youth night is laaaaaaaaaaaaame....buuuuut if your friends are all there being wanna be there being LAAAAAAME TOO!!!
How can you resist MAR BEAR when she's SAD???
  I was gonna just buy a ticket and go...buuuuuuuuut then I felt guilty about, ya know, I don't wanna be a bad example!!!! Sooooooo I did the right thing and ASKED...and got told NO...sooooo THE MORAL TO THAT STORY IS...Don't ask!!! JUST KIDDING!!!! The moral of the story is, JUST BECAUSE YOU DO THE RIGHT THING DOESN"T MEAN THAT YOU WILL GET WHAT YOU WANT, BUUUUUUUUT STILL DO THE RIGHT THING!!!! See, ya DO LEARN some things by 31...bahaha!!!!
I told my pastor when I got back about how I was gonna buy a ticket and jus go and then I didn't, and he looks at me with this totally serious look on his face, I and says, You see Mary, the problem with THAT, is that EVEN THO YOU LOOK YOUNGER, if you had bought a ticket and just gone in, once they had seen the EXTREMELY MATURE manner in which you were acting, they would have known that there was NO WAY you were under 31!!! BAHAHAHAHA!!! That cracked me up!!! Then my pastor's wife said, JUST KIDDING!!! We'll have an ordination service to make you a youth leader by next WCC so you can go as a chaperone!!! (Btw: In case you didn't figure it out...That's a joke about the ordination service people!!! LOL)

Anywayz, I'll shut up about it now...I mean, I talked to God about it annnnnd all I thought he said when I complained was, Well THEY CRUCIFIED ME!!!! I'm like ok, I get...I'll MOVE ON..Life isn't fair, for example...
 LOOKS 17 !!!
 Woot! WOOOOOT!!!!
Okaaaaaay about the rest of the conference!!! Here I am at the Fresno airport with my friend LILY!!! We bumped into each other and freaked out to see my AZ FRIEND!!! Ain't she a adorable?!?! Btw guys, SHE IS TAKEN!!! SORRY!!!
After church that night, we had it all planned to go to Jen Connells' birthday party at Cheesecake Factory!!! Weeeeeeeeeelllll in the end, JENNIFER, who happens to be in Peru right now, DITCHED HER OWN BIRTHDAY PARTY THAT SHE PLANNED!!! I'm like, what in the world?!?! Well, as it turns out, sooooooo many people wanted to celebrate with her, that by the time she got there, there was NO ROOM for her!!! LOL!!! Ooooops JEN!!!
Weeeeeeeeeelllllll...being the AWESOME, LOYAL friends that we are, Hanna, Coco and I headed over to BJ's, which was where she had ended up!!! We walked up singing Happy Birthday to her!!!!  I then gave her my birthday present!!! I had PREWARNED her ahead of time that this was a VERY MARY GIFT!!! I said, just to let you know, this gift has, MARY WRITTEN ALL OVER IT!!!
She said, Oh no, its gonna be CRAZY, with rainbows and Hello Kitty and stuff!!! I said, ya know, JUS THINK MARY!!! Soooooooooooooooo I had taped these hot-pink-heart-shaped sunglasses on the top and we told her she had to wear them before she opened the gift!!!! Annnnnnnnnd the GIFT WAS A BOOK CALLED...
Everyone AGREED, it was definatley A MARY GIFT!!! It doesn't get ANY MORE MARY, than that!!! Hanna said she actually Co-wrote it with the author!!! BAHAHAHA!!!! You jus have to know Jen, she gets a kick out of stuff like this!!! She ACTUALLY told me at the end of the week that my gift was one of her HIGHLIGHTS this conference!!! OH YEAH!!!!  After we sang and she opened the gift, I then LEFT with Hanna...I was feeling SOOOOOO SICK...Like Honestly I could NOT stand being with everyone any longer...WHICH we all know, MARY not wanting to socialize is THE ULTIMATE SIGN OF BEING SICK!!!
Anywayz, I went back to the hotel with Hanna while everyone else partied...I even texted Marissa and said I'm TOO SICK I went back with Hanna...WELL Marissa felt SOOOOO BAD! She was like, we're coming back to the room ASAP!!! I was like, NO ITS FINE!!! Don't worry about me, REALLY!!! Im thinking like, I feel bad, about you feeling bad, CUZ IF YOU WERE SICK, I would still be out partying...JUS SAYING!!!
Anywayz, all of the sudden I started feeling better and felt the urge to go see WHAT was going on in the lobby of the hotel...I got to the elevator to get on and the doors swing open and its ALL THE GIRLS FROM OUR ROOM!!! I'm LIKE, HEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEY!!! I'm like where are you guys going? They're like, to stay with you cuz your sick!!! I'm like, WHAAAAAAAAT??? I'm going to the LOBBY!!! They kept laughing about that the rest of the conference, I guess Marissa had JUST said, I feel SOOOOOOOOO BAD about MARY, then the doors open up and I'm like, HEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEY!!!! They called it THE MIRACULOUS RECOVERY!!! Bahahaha!!!
Sooooooo I went down and hung out with Bethany for a know, Bethany from Mexico, the blondest Mexican you'll ever meet...BTW...She's single....Former Apostolic Beauty...I'm JUS SAYING!!!! ;))))
Then I stayed up talking with Marissa til like three in the morning!!! She pretty much knows my whole life story now!!!  Good times, good times!!!!
PREACHING!!! I want to write before I get to much further, about my two favorite preaching messages!!! My favorite message was the one from the first night about our escape...PRAYER!!! That was IMPACTING!!! My second favorite was the second half of the Coats of David message...THAT WAS RIGHT ON TARGET speaking directly to ME!!!
Also, unforgettable quote, "Its better to lose your reputation than your character!" ANNNNND I was soooooooooo HAPPPPPPY to hear someone actually PREACH AGAINST HAPPY SOCKS!!! I think he said, and I'm paraphrasing, I think he said that they were  from the gay community...which was no shocker!!!!
I ALSO LEARNED that the quote, God will not give you MORE than you can bear, IS NOT ACTUALLY IN THE BIBLE!!! I was like, WHOA!!! What the Bible ACTUALLY SAYS IS, " There hath no temptation taken hold of you but such as is common to man. But God is faithful; He will not suffer you to be tempted beyond that which ye are able to bear, but with the temptation will also make a way to escape, that ye may be able to bear it." (1 Corinthians 10:13) Annnnd that ESCAPE IS PRAYER!!!
Next day we went to eat at Castillos...its this really good Mexican place that I had heard about but never gotten to go too...As you guys all know, I LOVE TRYING NEW RESTURAUNTS!!! I got the combo plate with a tamale, taco, enchilada and rice and beans, it was BUENO!!! ( Okaaaaay I'll be honest, I don't ACTUALLY know what BUENO MEANS!!! LOL) Buuuuuuuuut I'm glad that I got to try a NEW place in Fresno!!!
These here are my buddies, Mikey and Coco, they decided to TAKE SELFIES on my phone while us females went to the ladies room at Castillos!!! After being back for a while, they were just ITCHING for me to LOOK AT MY PICTURES so that I could see all their selfies!!! Mary did you look at your pictures???
I just want you guys to know that,
Bwahahahahahahahahaha!!! *evil Dr. Blackard laugh!!! HAHA!!! These two are FAMOUS for picking up ANYONES cell phone and taking tons of crazy selfies!!! What a coincidence, I JUST HAPPEN TO BE FAMOUS FOR BLOGGING!!! Lets JOIN forces guys!!!  Heh, heh!!! :))))) Mikey said, that's fine, I would rather LOSE my REPUTATATION, than my CHARACTER!!! AHAHAHA!!! Good one Mikey!!!
Some of us girls after church!!! Jackie, ME, Mallory, Marissa and Becca... ALL SINGLE...except Becca is kinda like, TAKEN!!!
 Anywayz, these are the girls that I roomed with MINUS Jackie...she stayed in the connecting room next door to us, and we also had Angel in our room with us!!!! I was soooo happy to get to know these girls from the Sailors church better!!! They are all good, godly girls that I enjoyed being with!!!
Okaaaaaaaaay sooooo you all shoulda seen me FLIP out when I realized that Jackie was going to be next door to us with HANNA!!! She knocked on our connecting door and when I saw her I was like, NOOOOOOOOOO WAY!!!! This means that HANNA is going to be next to us!!!! OF ALL THE ROOMS, HOW IN THE WORLD DID YOU GUYS JUST HAPPEN TO END UP NEXT TO ME!!! This is sooooooooooooo A GOD THING!!!! OMW JACKIE!!! THIS IS SOOOOOOO GOD!!! Jackie's like, No actually, IT WAS ME!!!.
 I'm like, NO JACKIE THIS IS GOD!!! She's like, NO really Mary, when I found out what room you guys were in  I requested with the lady at the front desk that we would stay next to you!!! I was like, SHUT UP Jackie!!! THIS IS SO GOD!!! She's like, No REALLY MARY! IT WAS ME!!! I'm like, wait did you really ask??? She's like, LAUGHING!!! LIKE YES!!!! I'm like, OooooooH!!! NO WAAAAAAAAY!!!! I'M LIKE, weeeeeelllll heeeeeey you know what JACKIE...GOD USED YOU!!!! He really USED YOU GIRRRRL!!! lololol
Anywayz, I made sure we NEVERRRR told Hanna that night that I was staying next to her!!! Even when I was laying on her bed next door about to puke...I wanted to FREAK HER OUT!!! LOL You know, do a REINACTMENT of this HERE, you know the story right?! THE MOMENT OF ALL MOMENTS!!!! Sooooo the next morning, after I was all ready for church, I BANGED on their door!!! "You girls kept me up ALL NIGHT LAST NIGHT!!!" You shoulda seen the shocked look on Hannas face!!! AHAHAHAHA!!! Then she's like, I ACTUALLY THINK I HEARD YOU GUYS LAST NIGHT!!! I'm like, You probabley DID!!! My mouth was running straight through till waaaaaaay after three in the morning...Jus couldn't SHUT UP!!! I mean, once I feel better I had to make up for that whole hour of sickness that I wasn't socializing!!
Sooooooooo the hotel lobby has THE COOLEST mirrors ever!!! its like a whole WALL!!!

 Oh NOOOOO....I'm rubbing off on Marissa...she's joining me for a mirror selfie!!!!
OBVIOUSLEY, Hanna has been hanging out with the above two selfie kings TOO MUCH!!! LOLOL She actually looks superrrr cute tho!!! That's HANNA FOR YA!!!

 Hanging out with Ashlyn and Wendy...A CANCER FREE WENDY I would like to add!!! Oh annnnnnnnd they're BOTH SINGLE...Just in case ANYONE was wondering!!! ;))))
I looooooooove this picture of myself...I'm just saying...IF I were a princess, this would be my PRINCESS POSE!!! They could call me, Joyful Laughter..
I could be the FIRST FLUFFY PRINCESS!!!! Seriousley...I THINK THEY SHOULD DO IT!!!
Me, Hanna and Destiny!!! Destiny is a total sweetie!!! We met the first night, a new youth from the Berkley church, she was the one that guessed me to be 18!!! It was soooooo funny!!! Cuz I was like, SOOOO Sick and for some reason I was still making Destiny laugh at EVERYTHING!!! Then me and Hanna were like, HEY guess how old Mary is!!! She was like, 18!!! Hanna started laughing SO HARD!!! I was just like, YEEEEEESSSSS!!! She was like, Oh I got it right the FIRST TIME? I was like, NOooooo!!!! Sooooo then we finally told her that I was ACTUALLY 31 annnnnd that just made her laugh even more!!! Oh and she almost got the Holy Ghost the last night!!! I CAN NOT WAIT TIL I HEAR THE GOOD NEWS!!!
Here I am with Sis. Kim Ramos!!! AWWWWW!!! I LOVE KIM!!! She is one of the sweetest people I know!!! Annnnnnnnd sorry guys, buuuuut she is TAKEN!!! Her HUSBAND is a very blessed man to have her!!!
Me and Lil Miss Tayler!!! Aka: Tay-TAY!!!! One of the sweetest girls I know!!! A former Arizonan now a Washington state girl...We still claim her as OURS tho!!! Btw: She IS SINGLE GUYS!!! ;))))
 That night we went to cheesecake factory...this time I was actually feeling good enough to eat...I GOT...these tamale appetizer thingys...they were AWESOME buuuuuut next time I think that I would get all the toppings on the side!!!
So at Cheesecake Factory this night, we were hanging out with some people from attwater, and people from Burbank and Idk where else...LOL... It was the guys from Attwater that guessed me to be 17...I THANK YOU ALL SOOO KINDLY FOR THIS!!! I'll NEVERRR SHUT UP ABOUT IT  NOW!!! NEVERRRRR!!!
Then in the middle of eating, me and Marissa went and got one of the guys was payback for something...I didn't know what, I JUST KNOW that I am ALWAYS UP FOR DOING STUFF LIKE THIS!!!! Bahahaha!!! I was like, MANNNN I wish Stultz had brought his car...HE SOOOO WOULD HAVE GOTTEN IT DECORATED!! I'm really itching to do this too...because I HAVE THE AMAZINGEST FUNNY THING TO WRITE ON A MALE'S CAR!!! AHAHAHA!!! Oh weeeeeelllll...There is always NEXT TIME!!!!
Jackie and Becca on our way to the Japenese Steakhouse!!!!
Our whole group minus my brother that got cut out and this guy at the end that is only half in...LOL Oh my baby brother and his wife wanted to go out to eat with me and my friends one day, isn't that sooooo SWEET!!! I was like, ABIE BABY!!! I introduced him to everyone, I'm like, this is my baby brother Abraham, OR YOU CAN JUST CALL HIM ABIE BABY!!!! Everyone said they would just call him Abraham...I'm like okaaaaaaaay WHATEV!!!
Then I told everyone my police story...I think I told this story like a MILLION times on this trip!!!! Everyone kept telling me to tell it and I just kept thinking NO ONE is going to think its funny any more, buuuuuuuut EVERY TIME I told it, everyone STILL LAUGHED!!! BAHAHA!! Don't worry, I'll blog about it soon...I think some of you that heard this police pullover story MISSED my concluding moral of the story...THE ULTIMATE of what I realized about myself...HEE, HEE!!! You'll get it in the blog post story!!!
Me and Marissa!!! Totally LOOOOVE this girl!!! Oh and BTW: She's SINGLE!!! ;))))
Mesgana!!! We're gonna have soooo much funnnnn playing this next time I come out!!! Buuuuut make your siblings play this with you BEFORE THEN!!!
I heard him one day kinda bragging that he goes to his brother's church, but I didn't see who was saying that, I just heard a kid saying that, then I turned to see who it was and it was Mesgana!!! I was like, AWWWWWWWWWW!!! He's such a proud little brother!!! That's sooooooooo CUUUUUUTE!!!
Me and Bishop Abbott
got a selfie together!!!
I'm pretty sure Bishop Abbott is the only preacher cool enough to actually be down with taking a selfie with me!!! Especially knowing that it would be going STRAIGHT TO THE BLOG!!! Hee, hee!!! He's just AWESOME LIKE that!!! Awwww I LUVERRRS HIM!!!
 Me and Chloe!!!!
We FINALLY got a pic together, we had been trying earlier but her pastor's wife came up from behind and scared Eliana who was taking the pic and her phone went FLYING to the ground...OOOOOPS!! Buuuuut Eliana had this like flex glass cover on it soooo yeah it was all GOOOD!!  
Eryn, Choloe AND ME!!! Erynnnn...WHY DIDN"T we get a pic together?!?!?
Ooooooooo WAAAAAIT BREAKING NEWS...we DID get pics together!!! Marissa just sent me these!!! Awwwww!!! I LOOOOOOOVE ERYNNN!!! She has been a Godly example to me of a SINGLE YOUNG LADY JUST WAITING ON GOD...that STILL HAS FUN WHILE THEY ARE WAITING!!!!!!! I told her that recently, I was like, Erynn, your an inspiration to me!!! When I get tired of WAITING, I think about  YOU, She's been waiting EVEN LONGER THAN ME and I'm like, IF ERYNNN CAN DO IT!!! I CAN DO IT!!! Looooove you girrrrrl!!! Purrrrrr!!!
Btw: Look at HOW GOOD ERYNNN is LOOKING!!! I was like, GIRRRRRL, you've lost weight!!! She's like, yeah! I'm like, WHAT ARE YOU DOING???? She said NOTHING!!! I havn't been trying even!!!! I'm like, whaaaaaaaat??? Girrrrrrl that is sooooooooo NOT EVEN FAIR!!! Get over here so I CAN SLAP YOU!!! I mean FOR REALZ, Not ONLY did she get to be born CHOCOLATE, she's losing weight WITHOUT EVEN TRYING!!! Grrrrrrrrrrr...Some girls just have it ALL!!!
Me with both the sisters...Eliana and Chloe!! Awwww sooooo CUUUUTE!!! Really good and sweet girls!!! Btw: They're both SINGLE!!! ;))))
 Okaaaaay soooo then I'm hanging out with these dudes and Stultz...somewhere along the line Micheal mentioned his dog...I THINK...
OKAAAAY I know someone mentioned a dog...Well naturally, I got BORED with the conversations... I mean, I like cutesy lil puppies and everything buuuuut yeah, to be honest, I'm not REALLY into animals, UNLESS its Hello Kitty, a cute stuffed animal OR A HAMBURGER...I'm jus sayin YA KNOW, i'm not into animals!!!
 Weeeeeeellll about five or so minutes later I decided to rejoin the convo...I heard someone say something like, He does REALLY GOOD TRICKS TOO!!! i'm thinkin like, DUUUUDE he is really into this DOG!!! Soooooooooo i'm like, AWWWWW!!! That's sooooooo sweet!!! YOU REALLY LOVE YOUR DOG!!! Its like silent for a moment, then, I'm NOT TALKING ABOUT MY DOG... I'm like, Oooooops!!! AHAHAHAHHA!!! No clue what they were talking about...figured I shouldn't even ask!!! MAYBE it was about Paul Connell...I think he does really good MAGIC TRICKS!!! Hmmmmm...I WONDER!!!
Then Coco asked me something about what kind of car I drive and I said, I ACTUALLY DON'T KNOW!!! Ask STULTZ!!! He's like, WHAT?! You don't know?! Stultz is like, REALLY, SHE DOESN'T!!! Anywayz, Stultz then told Coco what kind of car it is that I drive...ANNNNND THERE ARE NOW TWO PEOPLE, besides MY PASTOR AND MY BROTHER'S, that you all can find out from, what I drive...If your wondering, JUST ASK THOSE TWO...THEY KNOW!!!
Here I am, Me and DENAE...AHEM, Job's daughter...
Me, Mallory and Denae, RELIVING CMM's from WCC pasts!!!
 (Read about that HERE!!! BAHAHAHAHA!!!) Btw: this is REALLY weird cuz I'm wearing the same shirt in this pic with Mallory as I was in the pic two years ago!!! She probabley thinks I NEVER get new clothes!!!
 Oooooh and SORRRRY, she is TAKEN!!! *Take my hankie guys!!!
Me and Vivian!!! Both SINGLE 31-year-olds!!!!
OH Mesgana,
I came up with a nickname for you...
That's soooo you!!! Your sooooo a CHOCOLATE BEAR!!!
Me and Kelsey!!!! A soon to be LPC CHICA!!! Wooot! Wooooot!!!!
 Angel and her Man!!! Isacc...I was soooo honored to meet the man that got BOTH Camper of the year and SPORTSMAN of the year at PCC this past June!!! He is FO SHO an Apostolic Warrior...A TAKEN ONE...buuuuut still an AW!!! Annnnd Angel is wellll...HIS ANGEL!!! Awwwwwwwwwww!!!♥♥♥
 I like LOOOOOVE ANGEL!!! Seriousley!!! I must have said that like a million times buuuuut I was sooo happy to be rooming with her!!!! I've known her for years but never had the chance to spend a lot of time together!!! I put my arm around her one night and was like, COME ON ANGEL, lets go be AIRHEADS TOGETHER!!!!
Then one night we had purrrrring lessons together!!! Angel said she wanted to learn how to purrrrr...We have it recorded..SOOOO HILARIOUS!!! I wish I could put audio on here!!! She finally decided that the way she would do her PURRRR is by simply saying, PURRRR!!! LOL! It was the cutest thing everrrr!!! Best comment of the year from Angel, "Is that called FLIRTING?!" You would have to have been there to understand!!! BAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!
Then Angel was like, I can't believe we're staying together!!! Remember that one time that Denae was at our church, this was like, YEARS AGO, and we really wanted to know what your voice sounded like so we had her call you to hear your voice!?!?! I'm like, YES!!! And you guys were expecting my voice to be HIGHER, instead its like all NASALLY!!! BAHAHA!!!
Me and Marissa!!! OMW she loooooks soooooooo GORGOUS IN THIS PICTURE!!!
 Yeah, Marissa is a really AWESOME FRIEND!!!
She picked me up from the airport, taxied me around, had shampoo when I forgot mine, had tooth paste when I forgot mine, hauled me to the drug store to by meds and supplies, THEN TOOK ME BACK to the airport on Saturday, YUP, SHE'S PRETTY AWESOME!!! She's a good, godly, girl...OH, Did I mention that she is SINGLE??? ;))))
Anywayz, since I wasn't able to go to the youth thing, I went out with a group to BJ's...I still made the group laugh with my police story...BUUUUUT MY HEART WAS SAD to NOT be at the youth thing...Plus I was feeling SICK AGAIN!!! Instead of going out with everyone later on to Denny's, I just had them drop me off at the hotel...Which was better anyway, cuz then I just hung out with Mallory, Jen and Hanna...talking till the weeeee hours of the night
 Here is me realizing that MY TOOTH IS GONE!!! Practicing MY NEW SMILE!!! I realized JUST HOW HARD it is TO SMILE WITHOUT OPENING MY MOUTH!!!
Next morning I ran into my OLD FRIEND that has fallen off the face of the earth for the last few years, CHANTAL!!! See i'm having difficulty figuring out how to smile with my missing tooth...LOL!!!
 I would like to INFORM EVERYONE that if I seemed kinda QUIET Saturday morning, its because I was EXTREMELY TIRED!!! I"M SORRRRRRY!!! after GOING TO bed after three for EVERY NIGHT OF THE CONFERANCE, and I hadn't had any coffee yet, buuuuuuuut it was TOO LONG of a line to wait in...SOOO YEAH...Me when I'm TIRED equals EXTREME QUIETNESS...Unless you make me laugh and then I go into like HYSTERIA!!!
Me and Karoline!!! A GREAT GIRRRRL...that happens to be SINGLE!! ;))))
Hanging out with my frienderrrrs at STARBUCKS on Saturday!!! Yaaaaaaaaaay for saying good byes...THAT IS A MUST FOR ME...AHEM!!! Mar Bears are EXTREMELY sentimental...that's just US...WELLLL actually there is just one of us...sooo I guess its JUST ME!!! For example, I WILL SAY, LOVE YOU to my girl friends, EVERY TIME I say goodbye on the phone...I HAVE TOO!!! LOL
 oh Look its an OREO...
annnnd this time MIKEY gets to be THE CREAM!!! Wooooooohooooo!!! No double stuff oreo this time tho...THATS MY JOB!!! Woot! Woooooot!!!
 One last group self in the car with THE GIRLS!!!
Duuuuude look at how bad my eyes look... AHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!! LACK OF SLEEP... I think it makes me WHITERRR TOO!!! BAHAHAHAHA!!!
TIRED EYES!!! That's a sign of an AWESOME TIME!!! WCC 2014 was AWESOME!!!   
 ♥Mary Frances :)
P.S. Sooooo when I arrived to church last Sunday morning, my pastor looked at me and says, (Referring to my marital status) WEEEEEEEELLLL are you STILL A MEMBER OF THIS CHURCH OR WHAT??? I paused for a moment, smiled, THEN SAID...yes...FOR NOW!!! ;))))