Thursday, December 4, 2014

8 years!!!

I realized recently, that in the month of October, its been 8 years since I started doing stuff with the African community!!! Aside from living for God, that's THE LONGEST I've ever been consistent with something!!! I'm soooo greatful to all the people over the years that have helped make this outreach possible. Although I've carried the burden, it wasn't until recent years that I have had my own vehicle OR for that matter EVEN been able to drive!!!
 Most recently, thank you to my BROTHA, TOMMY MORELAND who has picked up on being the church van driver!!! Things had kind of come to a lull with the fact that I can only take 4 kids MAX in my car and I really wanted to get a mini van and my brother's said NO a car was what I needed. And while we had a church van, for some STRANGE REASON, have NO clue WHY, my pastor doesn't feel like its a good idea for me to drive it!!! Hee, hee!!! ;) However, this past year, Tommy has been so willing to take over with the church van. He is SO PATIENT, knows how to make every kid feel special and yeah...The kids ABSOLUTELY LOVE HIM!!!
One day, I'll write ANOTHER story, but for now I wanted to share with you once again, the story of how it ALL started, ENJOY!!!
I sighed happily as I snuggled beneath my covers. The spring 2006 semester of college was over and for all I cared I would never be going back. After all, who needs school when you’re in love and getting married? Even though my boyfriend had not actually proposed to me, we had spent many hours on the phone talking about our wedding, and planning our future. I knew before the summer was over I would be engaged. I couldn’t help but smile; all my dreams of love and romance were finally coming true. Before I drifted off into dreamland I hugged my pillow and whispered a prayer of thanks,
“God you are so good!”
Several weeks later, I again lay in my bed beneath my covers. However, this time I was not smiling and whispering prayers of thanks. My head was buried in my pillow and my body shook as I sobbed the tears of a broken heart. I couldn’t understand how one day a person could be holding your hand, whispering sweet “I love you’s” then change their mind. My heart was crushed.
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♥Mary Frances :)