Monday, December 22, 2014

My blog has been hijacked!!!

hey this is Brett Landon ;I am having '' A day with Mary''. Mary is letting me write on her blog. First me, Mary ,Theresa , MJ ,and another girl named Nicki, Regan and Carissa  went to Peter Piper .After we went to Peter Piper we went to see fancy ginger bread houses . And it is 4:42 pm on 12\22\14 right now. And ''Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!''

This is Brett Landon again. As you can see we just came out of the kitchen ! It is 6:10 right now . I would like to tell you about my puppy Echo Marie .  She is the darkest black ever ! She is a miracle . I hope you all have a nice Christmas ! By the way do you like smashed cookies ? I do not .
- Brett Landon