Saturday, December 27, 2014


Special congrats to my GOOOOD friend Miriam who got married today and managed to plan her WHOLE WEDDING in THREE WEEKS!!!! You GO GIRRRRRRRRL!!!!
I realized today that I never did get to meet your beloved MANNY!!! I'm sure he's a great guy tho if you fell in love with him!!! Plus he's a church bus driver, that equals like 100 gold stars right there in my book!!!
Me and Miriam doing OUR Miriam/Mary POSE!!!
Funniest part of the ceremony was at the very end, Bro. Garrett said that despite the many requests he wasn't going to introduce them as Manny and Wifey!!! Annnnnd like, I thought it was really funny at the moment...buuuuut like, I JUST NOW ACTUALLY GOT IT!!! Like ya know, MAN AND WIFE...MANny and WIFEy...bahahahahaha!!! Get it?!?!!? AHAHAHAHAHAHA!!! Too FUNNNNNNNNNY!!!
Anywayz, congrats girrrrrrrllll!!! Have a great marriage and stay your awesome, bubbly, BEAUTIFUL SELF!!! Twinsies for LIFE!!! Love you!!! Purrrrrrr!!!!
♥Mary Frances :)