Monday, January 26, 2015

GPA wedding scholarship!!!!

Soooooo so the other day I was texting one of my friends that is engaged. We were going over all the typical wedding planning and stress that the brides-to-be feel. Then she texts me and says, at least my GPA is fully paying for my wedding dress.  When I read that I was like, WHAAAAT??? Her G.P.A. paid for her wedding dress???
NO ONE ever told me that there were BRIDE scholarships...
I KNEW I shoulda done better in school!!!
I mean REALLY, if I had known that my grades in high school were ACTUALLY going to pay for a wedding dress, I would have ditched less classes annnnnd I would have done my HOMEWORK more often, buuuuut NO ONE EVER TOLD...then it clicked OH she said her gpa...she was ABBREVIATING for GRANDPA...Her GRANDPA was paying for her wedding dress...NOT HER G.P.A....AHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!
♥Mary Frances :)