Friday, January 30, 2015

Perfecting my Maryness!!!

I was going to title this post; Overcoming my Maryness...buuuuuut I was like, WHY in the world would I EVERRRR want to do that?!?!?! Anywayz, one of my goals for this year was to pick up after myself...I know, I know, it seems CHILDISH...buuuut this is MARY we're talking about!!! Like, I know how to know, sweep, mop, vacuume, scrup the toilet, wash the dishes, Liiiiike I've got that DOWN...buuuuut MY ROOM has pretty much always looked like a tornado kind of swept through it!!!
Like you get ready ONE time and WOW...buuuuut this whole month I have been PICKING UP AFTER MYSELF, I even UNPACKED my suitcase from CC and put everything all up instead of leaving it there for two months like I did after WCC and its AMAZING how neat and clean my room has been staying...,
Okaaaaaaaay no coments from you organized neat freak perfectionists out there...I'm sure you have plenty to say buuuuut this is NOT YOUR ROOM...its MY ROOM...Soooooo anyway,
Isn't it CUUUUUUUTE????? Soooo just take a WILD guess at what my FAVORITE color is???? I know, I know, you all have NO CLUE!!! hee, hee!!!
I still have more goals for my room tho...
1. Clean out and organize my closet
2. Clean out and organize my dresser
3. Decorate the wall behind my bed
There's really NO specific theme to my room, except MARY!!! Whatever I LIKE!!!
I'll keep you updated on my progress at the end of February...
the journey of perfecting MARYNESS shall be continued!!! :)))
♥Mary Frances :)