Friday, February 13, 2015

End of the week thankfulness!!!

I feel like this week was successful week!!!!
I refrained from buyin UNessary items at target tonight...I'm thankful that God gave me self-control!!!

Buuuuuut I want that blue crossover REALLY bad and the phone case too...If God lays it on anyone's heart...I'll thank him for THAT TOO!!! ;)))
I'm thankful that I am NO LONGER addicted to COFFEE!!! Yes, I will still drink it from time to time, just because I love the taste of Starbucks, Peets and Dutch Bros....BUUUUT I don't HAVE to have a cup EVERY day now!!!
I'm thankful that my room is STILL clean!!!
Annnnnd last of all I'm thankful that I officially know how to break into cars now...Really this comes in handy when your name is Mary...And you may accidentally lock your keys in your trunk...I learned on Tuesday and I ummmmm may have had to do it again last night!!! :)))
♥Mary Frances :)