Wednesday, March 4, 2015

Quickly answered!!!

I was thinking the other day about this hilarious moment that happened during prayer one day...A loooooooooong time ago...Annnnnd I just cracked up laughing all over again when I thought about it!!!
I was listening to someone pray one time, I won't say WHERE, buuuut I'm listening to this guy pray annnnnd he was one of those people that, the best, nicest way to say it is, God put them in your life, because SOMEONE has to be THE PERSON that teaches us to LOVE the UNLOVEABLE...Ya know what Im saying???
Annnnnnnd this dude is praying and I'm trying not to listen in, buuuut I can't help it!!! Annnnnd I hear him say, "GOD, let YOU be the ONLY ONE that could find any good in me!!!" Annnnnd I'm sitting there, And I have to keep from busting up laughing cuz the next thought through my mind was, "WOW GOD!!! You REALLY ANSWERED that one QUICK!!! "

 ♥Mary Frances :)