Wednesday, April 8, 2015

Blessings from God!!!

Duuuuuude you guys I'm sooooo SIKED!!! Straight up, this evening, GOD JUST TOTALLY BLESSED ME!!!Okaaaaayyyy sooo there was this SUPERRRR waaaaaay cuuuuute jean skirt I really wanted on the Apostolic Clothing sight that I really wanted!!!!
This skirt!!!
Long 'Ruffle Wave' Custom Denim Skirt
I still really like this skirt tho, sooooo ya know if anyone out there wants to buy it for me...I'LL TAKE IT!!! Get me a 2x!!! OR if you sew skirts and wanna hook me with a cheaper me!!!
Okaaaaay soooo this skirt is like $85!!! I like wanted it soooo bad... buuuuut I have soooo much going on with this summer coming, weddings I have to attend out of state, i'm a bridesmaid in Anali's wedding, plus I'm going to Heritage...YEAH, I'm thinking right now this ADORABLE JEAN SKIRT is really not a wise financial decision to make!!!! Right?!?!
Weeeeeeeelllll today I just randomly went to this ghetto lil consignment shop to try and consign all my reject clothes that all the other consignment shops wouldn't take...So as the lady is going through the clothes I'm just browsing thinking I won't really see anything...
Weeeeellll all of the sudden I'm finding all these superrrr long, super modest skirts...
It's super long! Super modest!!! Super feminine!!! Annnnnd MY SIZE!!!!!

Sooooo I close my eyes, hold my breath and THEN look at the price tag...OMW its EVEN IN MY PRICE RANGE!!! Guess how much people??? $4.00!!!!!! YES!!! I just said FOUR DOLLARS!!! I COULDN'T BELIEVE IT!!! I was soooo ecstatic I was like testifying to the owner of the consignment shop about it as I paid!!!!!!! I was all like THIS IS SUCH A BLESSING!!! Then I was telling her the WHOLE shebang story!!! Lol  Btw, YES I know These sneakers don't look good with it tho!!!

Annnnnnnd LIIIIIIIKE I pretty much have NOT shut up about this skirt since I got it!!! I'm like HEEEEEY LOOK AAT MY SKIRT!!! Then I'm like guess how much I paid??? Tonight in class Alyssa and I were whispering about it cuz she was saying it was really cute! And I'm whispering, guess how much I paid for it??? And we're in the back and Prince who is sitting on the front row doesn't even look back he just whispers, $4 dollars!!! AHAHAHA!!! It was superrrr funny!!!
Anywayz, this skirt reminded me of something that Elder Sis. Abbott taught us girls growing up! She said if you really want something, don't just go out and buy it! Write a list of things that you really want/need and THEN PRAY ABOUT IT!!! She said because God can bless you with a really good deal or even get it to you for FREE, if you'll just wait and pray!!! I've been doing that and its SOOOO TRUE!!! Sooooo yeah, that's my advice for the day peeps!!! If you want something, ASK GOD FOR A GOOD DEAL and then WAIT for him to bless you!!! (That's what I'm doing for my husband...I'm getting THE BEST DEAL God has for me...IN JESUS NAME!!! Just wait people...its COMING!!!;)
Annnnnnd I'm purrrring here in case you couldn't tell!!!!! Mj was hysterical for this photo shoot!!! Then we both looked at this picture and pretty much were laughing soooo hard we couldn't even breath!!! Lol
♥Mary Frances :)