Monday, April 13, 2015

Real love!!!

Soooooo the little boy I baby sit for has a favorite toy, besides Elmo and Mickey Mouse, he LOVES the iPad!!! Like, yeah, the iPAD is like TOP on his list!!! Annnnd to ME for him to actually give you the iPad to play with could only mean ONE THING...He must LOVE YOU!!! Like REAL LOVE!!! I mean like, REALLY LOVE YOU!!!!
Soooo the other day my niece lil niece Bethany is over and he is giving her all his toys to play with while she is jus chillin in her baby carrier!!! I'm like awww!!! Buuuuut THEN I look over and see that he has given her his iPAD to play with!!! I'm like, WOW!!! So even tho, obviously a baby is going to have NO CLUE as to what to do with an iPad, I think this is really nice of him!!!
Soooo I tell him, that is REALLY nice of you to let her play with the iPad!!! Soooo he just looks at me and sweetly smiles at me this angelic smile!!! I'm like, AWWWW!!! Then I go to take the iPad from my niece and when I do I just bust up laughing!!!
BAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!! That lil STINKER!!! No WONDER he gave her the ipad!!!! AHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!! Aw I LOVE that lil man!!!!
♥Mary Frances :)