Tuesday, April 28, 2015

What would he do without me?!?!

I was having a conversation recently with a friend and they were saying, what would so and so do without you? Or some other person they named, what would they do without you??? I was thinkin like AWWWW but...I was like oh ok...not really sure what to say, just trying to be humble about the compliment, ya know?!?!?
Then when the convo was over, I thought to myself, OMW! FORGET ABOUT ALL THESE OTHER PEOPLE...What would MY HUSBAND do without me??? That's THE REAL QUESTION...WHAT WOULD MY HUSBAND DO WITHOUT ME??? Then it hit me...
That poor man!!! ANGUISH!!! Heartbreak!!! SOB!!! :,(  I feel SORRY FOR HIM!!! Seriously, having to cope through life STILL having NOT found me yet!!! What a tragedy this is for him!!! POOR MAN!!! What is he doing without me????  Lord have mercy on HIM!!! Don't make him endure the suffering of living without ME for much longer!!!
♥Mary Frances :)
p.s On a side note future hubby, IF you happen to be reading this...Maybe IF you PRAYED MORE annnnnd FASTED MORE, you woulda found me by now...I'm Jus sayin...you can get God's attention and be pushing back that plate A LITTLE more often...Jus sayin!!! ;) Purrrrrrrrr!!!!