Wednesday, June 24, 2015

San Diego day 1!

We're heading to San Diego for Tommy and Kelsey's wedding!!!!
Driving there!!! Had to get a pic of Stultz... Sleeping Handsome for all you ladies out there!!! ;))) he'll yell at me for this, IM SURE!!!
We listened to AIO the whole way and thd time flew by!!!!
We decided to try this place in Little Italy, San Diego, called Mona Lisa... It's AMAZING!!!! Huge portions! Split chicken parm with T and was sooooo STUFFED!!!! We were ACTUALLY impressed with their food which says A LOT FOR THIS ITALIAN FAMILY!! Like I think my mom and John woulda even liked it!!!

Family time!!! :))))

Parm cheese was full when we sat down! Italians don't shake, they pour! Even Grace does now!!!
Me... In case you were wondering! Hee, hee!!!! :))))

Then we all walked down to the water docks! The weather was SO NICE annnnnnnnd and it was beautiful!!!!

It was a very eNjoyable first day!!! Tomorrow we're meeting a bunch of people from church at Sea World!!!