Friday, July 31, 2015

Anali's Bridal Shower!!!

Food set up, we had Cesar pasta salad, fruit, twice-baked potatoes, cucumber salad, these crossaint sandwiches and Hanna made this bomb-diggety jalepeno-pesto-mayo...YUMMMM!!!

Annnnnnnnnnnd that's NOT to mention all the desserts, we'll get to that later!!!
Ooooh and don't let me forget, give honor to whom honor is due, instead of taking a nap before going to his church that night, Bro. Kifle, in his suit, cooked the bacon-to perfection, that we put on the twice baked potatoes... We THANK YOU kindly for assisting us, the twice-baked-potatoes would NOT be the same without you!!! LOL  His sister and I, UH, may have burnt the first batch of bacon...LOL...buuuuuuut that's ONLY because we were busy being virtuous-Proverbs-31-woman-of God and doing other stuff!!!
Everyone socializing!!!
Playing games!!!
Beautiful ladies!!! Emily, Nancy, Courtney, Kendra and of course adorable little Simon!!!
At the dessert table, was peach cobbler, flan, lemon lush, cupcakes and these cinnamon cheesecake bars...SOOOO GOOD!!! I LOOOOOVE SWEETS!!! DESSERT!!! I LOVE IT!!!
Drinks, we had infused water, lemonade, annnnnd Hanna's mom made her world famous,
 Ethiopian ice tea!!!
Party favors!!!
Fancy Nancy made this sign...its sooooo cuuuute!!!!
More eating!!!
Beautiful decorations!!!
Me and Hanna cheesin it up!!!

Me and Fancy Nancy!!! She's so pretty and little and CUTE!!! Awww!!!
The bride and her mommy!!!
Good times with Courtney...she makes everything a little funner!!! This was the first time I had actually gotten to hang out with her in person and I absolutely LOVE HER!!!
Me annnnd THE BRIDE!!!
Courtney steals Anali's Here Comes The Bride sign!!!

Friends FOREVERRR!!!
UNTIL its time to catch the bouquet!!!
Oh NOOOOOO...Here it comes!!!
Annnnnnnnnnnd COURTNEY WON!!!
Awwwwww MAN!!! There goes FRIENDS Foreverrr...its OVERRR!!! Haha Just kidding, JUUUUUUUST KIDDING!!! We all felt a little better about NOT catching it after one of the girls told us that the woman that caught the bouquet at her mom's bridal shower was STILL not married!!! AHAHAHAHA!!! I'm like, WAIT, wasn't I the won that caught the bouquet at your mom's wedding??? AHAHA!!!! Juuuuust KIDDING...I actually wasn't born yet...I think...MAYBE IT WAS ME!!! Hee, hee!!!
Anyways, Anali had a really nice bridal shower, she's been a Godly, virtuous young lady and we're all very proud of her!!! I'm thankful that God brought this group of people from the bay into my life, we've only been friends since 2012 buuuut it feels like we've all ALWAYS been friends!!!! Remember I didn't know if I was gonna like you Anali, and then after being with you for an hour in person I was like, OH I DO LIKE YOU!!! AHAHAHAHA!!!
And the first time we hugged I was so exuberant my heart-shaped glasses went flying off my head and broke!!! AHAHAHA!! Good times, good times!!! I should give them to you, like the first thing I broke in your presence, the second thing being my future sis-in-laws car...remember??? Hey, maybe I should save the first thing I break with a friend and give it to them as a memory gift when they get married... OR maybe NOT...Stultz would be the whole entire rear of his car, My sister would get a camera, a bed, two kitchen faucets, Bro. Kifle's would be a tooth, Bishop Abbotts would be a toilet, !!! AHAHAHA!!! Hanna what have I broken with you???
Annnnnd tomorrow she gets married to the awesome, Joe Momma and he'll take her away to Roswell!!! Awwwww!!! Weeeeeellll, hopefully there are NO Classic Mary Moments as i'm walking down the aisle tomorrow...
YES TOMORROW...August 1st...
♥Mary Frances