Wednesday, July 29, 2015

Cheesecake Factory CMM #575664932

So a few weeks ago a group of us headed out to Cheesecake Factory after Sunday Evening service. Weeeeeeeellll with my AMAZING driving skills...heh, heh...I ended up there before everyone else!!! Very proud of myself for being THE FIRST ONE there, I put our name in, they got us a table and I sat down waiting for our group!!!
So I'm seated and I tell our waitress that my group is coming and I'll just wait for them. She comes back a little while later and asks me if I want to order my drink, so I get a water...OF COURSE...hey its FREE...she brings me my water and i'm still waiting for my peeps to get there!!! Another ten minutes go by and she brings me some of that AWESOME Cheesecake Factory bread!!! I'm like SWEEEEEET, no on is here yet I don't even have to fight over the brown bread, cuz everyone likes the brown bread better!!!
Weeeeeeelllll I'm almost done with the brown bread, a refill on my water, at this point I'm really NOT even to hungry anymore, I'm like WHERE IN THE WORLD ARE THEY??? At least I'm not one of those people that I hates going to restaraunts and eating by themselves, I don't mind doing that at all, Mary dates!!! AHAHAHA!!!  Soooooooo FINALLY, I just text them all and say, WHERE ARE YOU GUYS???
They're like sitting down waiting for you to get here!!! I'm like, WHAT?! Which restaurant are you guys at??? They're like Cheesecake Factory!!! I'm like, what?!?! Theyre like, ON THE OTHER SIDE, WE SEE YOU NOW!!! Soooooooo yeah, I had gotten there EARLY, sat there for about 30 minutes by myself waiting for them and they were seated already on the other side!!! Aaaaahhh!!!
 I guess I PROBABLY shoulda told them I had saved seats...OOOPS!!! My sister said that when the guys found out I was sitting on the other side of the restaurant, by myself, eating bread, they were like, HYSTERICAL!!! Har, har, WHATEVERRRR!!! :)))))
Heeeeeeeeeyyyy, at least I didn't have to share
All by myself,
Yummmm, yummmm in my tum-tum!!!
♥Mary Frances :)