Monday, August 10, 2015

If Mary was on Uber driver!

I was talking to my brother Abie and Stultz, I was all like jokingly, Heeeeeyyyy I should be an uber driver!!!! So they were all like, OH YEAH RIGHT!!!!

They were laughing at me and they're like, you would get such bad reviews!!! They're like, driver stomps on breaks to hard! Driver got into three fender benders on the way over, driver kept looking in the mirror, driver didn't stop at stop signs an ran red lights, driver backed up into pole, driver was swerving as she drove!  I'm whateverrrr... I'm NOT that bad!!!! Lol 
Then Stultz said for the finishing touch, annnnnnnnnnd the WHOLE RIDE...
           SHE WOULDNT STOP...
(Har, har) ok I actually laughed pretty hard for that comment!!! Ahahahahahahaha!!!! That's THE ONLY PART I agreed with!!! I love learning about people... And I have no problem chatting it up with strangers, buuuuuut the rest if that is hogwash people, HOGWASH!!!
♥Mary Frances :)