Friday, August 28, 2015

Starbucks Blessings!!!

Sooooooo this week thus far has been a week of STARBUCKS BLESSINGS!!!
Monday I remembered that I had a free drink on my gold card at Starbucks...soooooooo I thought I would go get it... Weeeeeellll when I went there, I ordered OF COURSE, the biggest and MOST EXPENSIVE drink I could think of...WHICH IS a Venti Carmel Frapp with EXTRA CARMEL on it!!!! YUMMMMM!!!
So when I get up to the window, lady hands me some kind of HOT drink...I was like, Ummmm like, I don't think that's mine! She was like ALL surprised! She's like, What did you order than? I was like, a venti carmel Frapp with EXTRA CARMEL on it!!!! She was like OH I don't see your order on the screen. So the lady that was actually taking the orders from the drive through lane says to her...
 Oh I put it in,but it must not have gone through! She says, you know what, don 't charge her for it!!! So then the lady was like we're not going to charge you because you have to wait for it! I was like, REALLY??? THANK YOU SOOOOO MUCH!!! She actually seemed really happy that I was getting a free drink!! I got a free drink annnnd I still had ANOTER FREE DRINK!!!
Sooooooooooooooooo on Tuesday, I was like, YOU KNOW WHAT... I think I'm going to go my free drink at Starbuck that I STILL have on my gold card!!! So I go back to the SAME Starbucks and order the SAME thing as I did the day before, WHICH IS a Venti Carmel Frapp with EXTRA CARMEL on it!!!! YUMMMMM!!!
As I'm giving my order, I think in my head, wouldn't that be cool if they messed up my order again today and I got ANOTHER free drink??? BUUUUUT there is NO way this will happen two days in a row!!! Weeeeelllll...I get up to the window and about to use my free drink, annnnnnd the lady says, did you order the Venti Carmel Frapp with EXTRA CARMEL on it???
I'm like, Yes Ma'am! Shes all like, WELL you don't need to pay, the car in front of you paid for your drink!!! I was like, REALLY??? She's like, YES! And she was all excited to be telling me this!!!
I was like, WOW!!!
Two days in a row!!!
How awesome is that??? Annnnnnd I still had ANOTHER FREE drink on my gold card!!! YAAAAAAAAAAAAAAYYYY! The ironic thing was that me and the lady in the car in front of me pulled up to the drive through at THE SAME TIME...I was going to whiz up in front of her...Buuuuut then in my mind I thought, that's kinda rude to do that!!! So I stopped my car and motioned for her to go before me annnnnnnnd she bought MY DRINK!!! I prayed for God to bless her for Kindness and and generosity and that God would bless her and that she would know that it is HIM blessing her what she did!!!
Last day...
 On Wednesday, I FINALLY used my free drink on my card! OF COURSE I got another, a Venti Carmel Frapp with EXTRA CARMEL on it!!!! YUMMMMM!!!
Buuuuut back to Tuesday, I couldn't help but think about what happened! If I had been rude and gone in front of her, I would have missed out on a blessing!!! It reminded me of this scripture, "Be kindly affectioned one to another with brotherly love; in honour preferring one another;" (Romans12:10)
As followers of Jesus, we are EXPECTED by Him to be kind to one another and put others before ourselves!!! Not to do RANDOM ACTS OF KINDNESS just to feel good about our selves and because its THE THING TO DO, but because we desire to be pleasing to God!!! Its all about HIM, not US!!!
♥Mary Frances :)