Sunday, August 9, 2015

Sunday Best!

Sometimes I think I want to make a blog just to post all my outfits...I LOOOOOOVE dressing cuuuuute you guys!!! I'm always asking my friends to send me pics of what they wore, it brings joy to see my friends looking beautiful!!! Purrrrrrr!!!

Oooooh annnnd I had a good hair day too!!! YAAAAAYYY!!!
I don't really know what else to say tho...except I LOVED MY OUTFIT!!! LOL Maybe this is the part where I'm supposed to list where I got everything...Lets see,
Anchor Shell=Walmart,
 Headband=Denae Abbott
(She's the best, you all should buy from her, $8, that's WAAAAAAY cheaper than your average flower seller, and support an evangelist's daughter...I'm jus sayin! Oooooh and her CD's, she has a new Christmas album out, place your orders You can also find her music on iTunes ) 
Hair=Aussie freeze and a curling iron
♥Mary Frances :)