Wednesday, August 19, 2015

Youth Rally!!!

This past Friday we had an awesome youth rally at our church!!! Bro. Daniel Abbott, pastor in Williams AZ, my pastor's younger brother, preached!!! He did a really good job and there was a great response to the alter call by the young people and a new young lady in our church almost got the Holy Ghost!!!
Isn't our church sanctuary sooooo BEAUTIFUL!!!! Don't be jelly people...HAHA...JK! JK!!! Weeeeeeellll kinda...buuuuuut really, don't be JELLY!!! ;)
Beautiful, Godly, Apostolic young ladies!!!
Me and my lil man!!! Loooooove him...Purrrrr!!!!
My kindred spirit...♥ for chocolate people!!!
Marissa and soon-to-be Arizonan friend!!!
WE  all went to Portillos to eat afterwards...we packed it out and everyone loved it!! NEXT YOUTH RALLY WITH OUR CHURCH IN NOVEMBER!!!
 See you all there!!!
♥Mary Frances :)