Tuesday, September 29, 2015


Sooooo the other day I decided to measure my waist to see if its gotten any smaller. So i'm measuring annnnnnd lo and behold, MUCH TO MY SHOCK AND DISMAY, the measuring tape would ONLY go half of the way around my waist!!! I like, FREAKED OUT!!! I was like, OMW, here I thought I was downsizing and I've actually been INCREASING, sooooooo much to the point that the WHOLE entire measuring tape doesn't even fit around my waist!!!
It was soooooo weird!!! I was just like, it doesn't seem like I look any bigger when I look at myself in the mirror...which is QUITE often you know!!! I was just like, MAAAAAN...do I have that good of self-esteem that I don't even notice weight gain in the mirror????
Annnnnnnnd just before  had a total and complete HEART ATTACK...
The OTHER HALF of  measuring tape comes flying around me...
Somehow, half of the measuring tape got caught in the waistband of my skirt!!! OH THANK GOD!!! That woulda been HORRIBLE!!! AHAHAHAHA!!!!
♥Mary Frances :)