Tuesday, December 22, 2015

It's NOT the puppet!!!

I was thinking about puppets one day, i'm not into puppetry, but I know some people that are! and I always enjoy watching a GOOD PUPPET SHOW!!! BUUUUUUT I was thinking about how it works with puppets. If you see a really LAME puppet show, its NOT the puppet's fault, its the PUPPETEERS fault! And you don't have to have an AMAZING puppet to have an AWESOME show!!! A really GOOD PUPPETEER can do a good show with ANYTHING!!!
I've seen awesome puppet shows with SOCK PUPPETS before!!! Yes, SOCKS!!! Was it the socks that made the show awesome??? NO!! It was the puppeteer, MAKING THE PUPPET SOCKS do awesome things. You know WHY??? Because IF your a good puppeteer, you don't need the biggest and the best puppet around to do a great show, because YOUR skills as a puppeteer will make whatever you are using good!
 This got me to thinking about our own lives. If we put our lives into this world's puppeteers, we'll end up involved in all the wrong things. Hollywood, drugs, imorality and ultimately a life of misery and emptiness! Thats the devil's puppetry in your life...DESTRUCTION!!!
However, IF we'll put our life into GOD'S HANDS, he can make something beautiful out of our life!!! Sometimes we think that God can't use us because we're a NOBODY! We think WHO AM I that God could use for his glory? I wasn't raised in church, I come from a broken home, i'm  the only one in my family living for God, my dad's gone,I feel inferior, i have no experiance, I don't know how to dress, I don't know how to act!
 Maybe you feel like that one lone,
 dirty sock, with a hole in the toe,
 it doesn't matter!!!
God has a plan FOR YOU!!!
Its NOT the puppet that is amazing...its an AMAZING PUPPETEER!!! You don't need to be an amazing person to do great things, you just need to put YOUR LIFE in the hands of an AMAZING GOD!!! :)
    "For I know the thoughts that I think toward you, saith the LORD, thoughts of peace, and not of evil, to give you an expected end."(Jeremiah 29:11)
♥Mary Frances :)