Thursday, January 21, 2016

Crazy Wednesdays!!! #32134567

Sooooo Bro. Seth and Sis. Alyssa started a new theme in the class with the kids, Glow-in-the-dark, outer space themed! 
The kids looooooooooooved it!!!!
Annnnnnnnnd they looooooved it soooooo much to the point that they were out of control EXCITED!!!
At one point they were literally freaking out cuz for some reason they're hands looked yellow... They're like, what's happening???? what are you guys doing to us??? It was HILARIOUS!!!
It was VERY hard to teach...buuuuut they did manage to do it!!! Lol 
My suggestion for next week is that we make them sit in seats in the "space ship" that have something to tie themselves down to the seat with, 
AKA: "seatbelts"!!! AHAHAHA!!!! Fo realz tho!!!
I had to take some of the kids in my car last night cuz we ran it of room in the van! I decided to take then for a visit to my mom, she was SOOOOOO HAPPY to see them!!!
Awwwww me and Lil Miss Christina!!!
Looooove this sweetie!!!! These pics are actually from last week, we never had class because the spirit of God moved annnnd we had churrrrrrch!!!
Some of the kids were praying for the first time and Christina's big sis, Deedee prayed sooooo good!!! In the van she said she got the Holy Ghost again and she was singing, "I got the Holy Ghost!" Thank you Jesus!!! That's what this is all about annnnnnnd it's WORTH IT ALL!!! 
Btw: did I tell you guys that in October it was NINE YEARS now working with these kids!!! I can't believe it's almost been ten years.... Seems like just yesturdAy I was going over there for the first time!!! What can I say, time flies when your having Funnnnn and working for The Lord!!! Purrrrrrr!!!!
♥Mary Frances :)