Tuesday, January 19, 2016

The Pitcher!!!

 Sooooooooooo I had brought an extra pitcher from our house to the rehab that my mom is staying at, weeeeeeelllll on Sunday she told me to take it home, I'm not to sure WHY! Anywayz, Sunday morning I'm walking out to go home and get ready for church and I look at the pitcher and I'm like, this is UGLY, Im gonna throw it away...buuuuuuuut it was one of those trash cans that only has a smaller circle at the top so big things can't fit...soooooo the pitcher of course didn't fit, so I stuck it on top and went on my merry way!!!
Last night my sis was like, mom's pitcher? did you throw it out? I'm like, Oh yeah! How'd you know??? She's like, because every single one of us that walked in on Sunday would see that and think that pitcher looked just like the one that was in mom's room! My brother's like, yeah! I saw that and was like, IS THAT MOM'S PITCHER??? Apparently, my other brother's all were wondering the same thing, but they had all walked by the trash can at separate times and no one wanted to take it out of the trash!!! AHAHAHAHA!!!
My sis was like, why'd  you throw it away, was something wrong with it??? I'm like, uuuuuuh, YEAH, it was UGLY!!! I mean, look at the top of it, its like that brownish-reddish color! She's like, REALLY?
You threw a perfectly good pitcher away because its UGLY???
I'm like, YES!!!
 Life is TO SHORT
I mean seriously you guys, you know how much more attractive your drink is when its poured from a pretty pitcher and into a cute cup??? The attraction lures me into drinking MORE fluids!!! Try it, It makes a DIFFERENCE PEOPLE, IT REALLY DOES!!!
♥Mary Frances :)