Tuesday, March 15, 2016

Future Whit's end employee!!!

Soooooooooo as I said previously, when Hanna was here, we went to Jason's Deli that Sunday night after church! Well the really cool thing about Jason's Deli is that they have free ice cream ALL THE TIME!!!
Well after we ate our meals, Hanna and I headed over there to get our ice cream. So Hanna made her cone and when she was done, her cone looked PERFECT! She was like, LOOK, I even made a perfect curly Q on top! I'm like, Awwwwwww!!! She's like, I could be a future Whit's End employee!!!
Then Hanna realizes, as we were walking back to our seats that I didn't have any ice cream! So she asks me why and I said because theyre were no more cones and its boring in a bowl! Soooooo being a good friend, Hanna gives me HER cone and then we head back to the ice cream...
Apparently, Little-Miss-Whit's-End didn't realize that the handle on the ice cream didn't automatically go back up!!! AHAHAHAHAHA!!! We were laughing so hard when we saw it!!! Yes Hanna, I definitely think you should give up a career of nursing to work at Whit's End!!! ;))))
Step aside CONNIE KENDALL...
♥Mary Frances :)