Wednesday, March 23, 2016

I voted!!!

Soooooo Tuesday, I VOTED!!!
I waited 2.5 hours to do so!!!! It was CRAZY!!! It took me foreverrrr to even find a parking spot!!! I almost just walked away, THE ONLY THING THAT STOPPED ME was knowing the fact that I had just a month earlier waited line for 3.5 hours to see the Hello Kitty Café Van...I was guilted into waiting!!!
The chick behind me literally talked THE WHOLE 2.5 hour wait!!! Thankfully it was NOT TO ME but to the older gentleman behind her...I suspected a slight crush on his part...he seemed ENTHRALLED by her!!! LOL She eats horse meat...In case anyone was wondering!!! AHAHA!!!
The thing that bummed me out was that after ALL THAT WAITING, they were out of the "I voted today!" Stickers!!! I was like, seriously??? I waited 2.5 HOURS...I WANT MY STICKER!!! Grrrrrrrr!!!!
Then, immediately after I turned in my ballot, they announced that Trump had won for the Republican party...I was like, yeah, I'm sooooo sure my vote just DID NOT EVEN COUNT FOR NOTHING!!!!! I'm sooooo doing the early ballot for November!!!
♥Mary Frances :)