Monday, April 18, 2016

Failed attempt!!!

You know when you take a child somewhere and its time to leave annnnnnnnd they don't wanna cuz they're having FUNNNN????? Sooooooo you say, FINE THEN,  you can stay here by yourself, I"M LEAVING!!!
Weeeeeeeeeeelllllll that happened today!!! It was Odin's first day at his new therapies and apparently he was having FUNNNNN!!!! He through a COMEPLETE TANTRUM at the place when it was time to leave! Had a complete meltdown in the parking lot and went completely limp on me!!!
I was like, FIIIIIINE THEN ODIN!!! I"M LEAVING!!! the lil stinker coulda cared less if I left him!!! He just sat there with a look of a complete satisfaction on his face!!! I kept waiting for him to start screaming for me as he sat there all by himself but the further I got from him he just started inching himself back towards the therapy center!!!! AHAHAHAHAHA!!!
I GUESS I won't be trying this again!!!
♥Mary Frances :)