Thursday, April 21, 2016

Glen and Valerie's wedding!!!

Congrats to my two friends, Glen and Valerie Patton!!!
I'm soooooo happy and proud of these two!!! I remember Valerie telling me when they first started talking...she was like, we won't be getting married for a REALLY LONG TIME!!! Buuuuuuut here they are!!!

I loved her decorations with the flowers, I'm gonna do that too but with brighter colors!!!
Glenn walking his mom down, I thought that was sweet!!! ♥
The whole bridal party...Well except THE BRIDE!!!
The MINI Bride, she just took off without the lil groom cuz he was scared, so then he started crying even more and his dad had to run him up, THEN on the way back he ditched her and she was in tears, pretty hilarious!!!! LOL
annnnnnnnnnnnd HERE COMES THE BRIDE....
Saying their vows...
Lifting her veil for THE KISS!!! I'm so glad she ACTUALLY wore a blusher!!! ♥
Annnnnnnnnnnd here they are THE PATTONS!!! HUSBAND AND WIFE!!!
Me and Tori...Sister of the groom!!!
Me and Haterrrrr...HATIN!!! LOL
WIth the HAPPY couple!!!
The Beautiful, beautiful, BEAUTIFUL BRIDE!!!
Haterrrrr also one of the groomsmen...showin some love to his pretty lil wifey!!!
Also, I made a new friend soooooooooooo happy about that! We're doing breakfast this Saturday, so excited about that!!! Oh annnnnnnd Im soooooo happy that I got to hang out with my beautiful friend Miriam!!! We were so busy talking it up we ACTUALLY FORGOT TO GET A PICTURE!!!
♥Mary Frances :)