Wednesday, April 6, 2016

Last Memories with Mom...

One of my last few memories with my mom is of her loving and nurturing me. One Saturday, while she was in the rehab place she was staying, I was there later in the morning than I  normally was due to the fact that I didn't have to wake up early for work! My mom's breakfast came and as soon as it did, she of course offered me some. I really didn't want any but my mom INSISTED she share with me, so I said I would have the toast, since I'm not a huge egg fan and I could only imagine how they were at the rehab place, LOL!!!
So I went to go get the butter, jelly and toast from my mom to make it up but she was like, Oh no Mary, I'll make it up for you! So she did! Laying there in her bed, so sick and miserable she made that toast for me, she wanted to do this, to be my mommy and take care of me! Buttering up a piece of toast may not seem like a big deal, but it was just the fact that this was something that she could still do for me, MAKE ME UP SOME TOAST!!! As far as I'm concerned, that was THE BEST piece of toast I've ever had!!!!
My other favorite last memory with her was two Saturdays before she died. She was in the hospital again and I was coming to her room after prayer one night at church. I had brought lotion and blanket and some sugar free candy for her and when I walked into see her I was like, HEEEEEEEEEY MOM, lets have a sleepover! (Needless to say we'd been having sleepovers with each other for about two months now! LOL)
I had planned to you know, put lotion on her feet and just have fun. But apparently, without talking to each other about it, my mom had the same sort of plans. She had ordered from the hospital this lil mini slice of cheesecake, hot chocolate and a little carton of vanilla ice cream and we split all with each other. It was so sweet and considerate and just in general a fun night!
Annnnnnnnnnd that's a few of the last memories I have of my mom. Her loving, giving and nurturing me as long as she could! Even til the very end she was trying to take care of us kids. She was always offering us her hospital food, insisting, and getting upset if we said we weren't hungry, I remember finally giving in and eating that hospital dinner roll that I had no desire to waste calories on! LOL That's just the way my mom was!
Loving, giving, nurturing, serving...
Til the very end her true spirit shown through!!!
♥Mary Frances :)