Tuesday, July 12, 2016

The cherry on top!!!

So right after my mom died I was talking to dad of one the kids I bring to church. He was asking me how I was doing with everything, then he tells me that he really understands what I'm going through cuz he was his grandma's caregiver when she was dying! He's like, and let me tell you something, THAT WAS NOT EASY!!!
My grandma was bedridden, she had Kidney failure, Heart failure, Alztheimers, Pnomonia, Lung caner, ANNNNNNND...
AHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!! That seriously cracked me up!!! Of course I waited til I left to ACTUALLY start laughing, buuuut man!!! THANK GOD that was ONE THING my mom did NOT have...BED BUGS!!! Phew!!!
♥Mary Frances
P.S. No offense to anyone out there that may have bed bugs!!!