Wednesday, September 14, 2016


We went today to the Newest attraction in ARIZONA...
ODYSEA...annnnnnnd NO its NOT as amazing as ADVENTURE'S IN ODYSEY!!! LOL
It was pretty cool...I mean, mainly cuz we were hanging out and stuff..

I mean, I'm NOT really into zoos and aquariams all that much, buuuuut I bet the kids would like it annnnnnd it IS something to take out of town visitors to in the summer time...

 Aaron, BEING AARON!!!
annnnnnnd I think that pretty much sums up everything!!! LOL
 Fish bowls hanging from the ceiling!!!!
 Stultz got the perfect shot!!! Looks like I'm eating a jelly fish...hee, hee!!!
Stultz and Aaron!!!

In the Sea Carousel
Soooooooooo basically your chair rooms from room to room to see the next exhibit...
They were showing us this Scuba Diver Chick and said to guess the weight...sooooo everyone is yelling out their guess and I'm like, Waaaaaaaiiiiit, that girls weight????? So everyone starts laughing, they're like, NO! HER HELMET!!! I was like, Oooooooh...I was gonna say...LOL!!!

Millions of little Nemos!!!

They even have a shark aquariam in the bathrooms!!!
It was taking the place of THE MIRROR!!! *Gasp!!!

Anywayz, it was funnnnn....NOT worth $35...maybe $15 buuuuut NOT $35!!!! LOL ANywayz, its supposed to be the NEW thing in Arizona, there is a butterfly exhibit, polar play, and a mirror maze, like five different resturaunts, ice cream shop, cake shop, two candy stores, coffee shop, bar, AZ souvenir shop,  all the different shops are in a circular direction, then in the middle a stage for bands, they're hoping to draw in lots of tourists and make it the new hang out...i'm not sure if itll work but it sounds kind of cool!! IF you come to AZ check it out!!!
♥Mary Frances :)