Thursday, September 1, 2016

She calls me...

Soooooo one of the most adorable little Sunday School girls is Christina, she is Deedee's little sister, annnnnnd ALTHOUGH she may be the lill sister, she has a BIG SISTER attitude!!! LOL
Well one day her and her sister were at my house playing and when it was time to go she just looks at me with all her spunk and says, "Come on GRANDMA! Lets GO!!!" Deedee was like, GRANDMA??? Don't you mean Aunt Mary?!?! She's like, NO! I SAID GRANDMA!!! MARY IS MY GRANDMA!!! I was like, that's fine, I don't care, she can call me Grandma!! Isn't that the cutest thing EVERRRR???
She calls me,,,

Annnnnnd I call her MY CHOCOLAT CHIP!!!
(Deedee is my chocolate kiss!!!)

♥Mary Frances :)