Tuesday, October 18, 2016

Because I was single!

I remember after my mom died, I was slightly offended at God for taking her from me, while I was still single. I had always plannned that when I got married, my dad would be on one side of me and my mom would be on the other side of me to walk me down the aisle when I got married. When she couldn't walk anymore, I even talked to her about it, we had made plans that my brother would wheel her and I could still hold her hand as I walked down that aisle, and NOW, that dream died, she would NEVERRRR walk with me down the aisle. When My mom died, that part of my dream went with her. I would ask God, WHY couldn't I have gotten married sooner OR WHY couldn't you have just kept her a little longer??? You coulda done it God, YOUR GOD, You can do ANYTHING!!!! It took me some time to work out my hurt with God.
Sometimes Being single, especially the older you get, there are often so many things that you'll think, IF ONLY I was married. Buuuuuut one of the things I realized the other day that has really helped me is that what God actually DID was sooooo MUCH GREATER than what I had planned!!! I realized the other day,
BECAUSE I WAS SINGLE with no kids,
I WAS THE ONE that got to spend the nights with my mom in the hospital with her til she died. BECAUSE I WAS SINGLE, I was the one that was with my mom the night she had her vision of heaven. I'll never forget the absolute awe she was in after seeing what she saw or the longing she had to go...heaven became a little realer to me!!! WHAT a blessing that was to me in my life!!! We had so many heart-to-heart talks, I'll NEVERRRR regret one moment I spent with my mom...ALL BECAUSE I WAS SINGLE!!!
I Remember one night while we laid there trying to fall asleep, my mom thanked me for always staying with her. She said I know it may feel like your not really doing anything being here, but knowing that your here with me when I fall asleep at night makes me feel all warm and fuzzy inside!!!
Because I WAS SINGLE, I could bring comfort to my mom at the end of her life. BECAUSE I WAS SINGLE, I was there when she had her vision of heaven. I'll NEVER FORGET the awe in what she saw. Truly God's plan is greater than on our own plans, for I finally realize the other day, BECAUSE I WAS SINGLE, she will never hold my hand when I walk down the aisle to get married, BUT I got to hold her hand, AS SHE CROSSED OVER TO GLORY...All BECAUSE I WAS SINGLE!!! surely we serve a God who's plans are ALWAYS THE BEST!!!
"...who knoweth whether thou art come to the kingdom for such a time as this?”   (Esther 4:14) 
Don't let your singleness get you down, for you NEVERRR know what God is planning...God may just happen to have a mighty plan for your life, ALL BECAUSE YOU ARE SINGLE!!!
♥Mary Frances :)