Friday, October 28, 2016


Sooooooooooo this morning was my two month after surgery check in with the surgeon annnnnnd I carfully picked out what I was going to wear, I wanted to show off to my doctor just how good I was know, help him to really know that I was doing a good job and all that JAZZ!!! Weeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeelllllllll, he was SUPERRRRR impressed with my blood pressure, 120 over 77, he said that was PERFECT...buuuuuuuuuuut NOT quite as impressed with my REALLY, REALLY, REALLY CUUUUUTE OUTFIT!!!   Said I need to trade out my flip-flops for running shoes!!!! I'm like, duuuuude the wear sneakers every day of the week, besides Sundays, the ONE TIME I DONT... BOO!!!
Doc didn't care about how good I thought I was looking, buuuuuuuuut you guys wanna see right????
I've lost 42 pounds so far!!!
Woooooooooohooooooooooooo!!!! about 100ish to go!!!! The average weight loss is about 3-5 pounds a week and then there's several days of the last two days...grrrrrrrrr!!! I didn't want to bore everyone to death by continually talking about weight loss but a lot of people of been asking me and wanting to see pics...that's just ONE, trust me, there's A LOT MORE...heh, heh,  if you want MORE, email me!!!! AHAHAHA!!! Weeeeeellll I promise to eventually write more about this whole process on my weight loss blog, before and after pics, etc...buuuuut enjoy that for now!!!

♥Mary Frances :)