Wednesday, November 9, 2016

Holy Ghost Kid's Church!!!!

Soooooooo Sunday night after service, Pastor decided that since one of the girls I bring was really seeking for the Holy Ghost and had almost gotten it in the morning and evening services, that we would dismiss Wednesday night Bible classes for the kids and just have HOLY GHOST CHURCH!!!!
I was very excited about this buuuuuut not to sure how everything was going to turn out, CONSIDERING that on the way to church the kids were all chanting, CANDY! CANDY! CANDY!!! Not exactly a Holy Ghost theme...LOL!!!
THEEEEEEEEEEN when we actually got to church some of the kids were MAD at me because I didn't tell them it was going to be CHURCH and NOT Wednesday night Bible School!!! WHY didn't you tell us MARY??? I'm like, UH, cuz I KNEW you wouldn't come then!!! Welllll yeah BUUUUT you shoulda told us MARY!!! Huffs, puffs and attitutes...Psh...whateverrrr I'm used to all that!!! LOL
Weeeeeeellllll We had GOOOOOOOD worship service and then Pastor Abbott went right into preaching, then he called up all the kids in the church that didn't have the Holy Ghost to come up and to gather around and start praying...
Annnnnnnnnnnd this little girl was THE first one to start speaking in tongues!!!
This doesn't surprise me, she's been asking about getting the Holy Ghost in class...

Annnnnnnnd FINALLY Lola got the Holy Ghost!!! She came Sunday wearing a special dress and said that it was her Holy Ghost dress, she didn't get it Sunday night, SO GUESS WHAT, she wore it again last night and GOT THE HOLY GHOST!!!  and already has permission from her mom to be baptized in Jesus name THIS SUNDAY!!!
Annnnnnnd here's the BEST PART...
The two girls, BEST FRIENDS, that were MAD AT ME before church for not telling them it was church...
AFTER church I was like, STILL MAD AT ME???
This is Gracie, she is the youngest of all the African kids from the original group I started bringing, she was 18 months at the time, now she's 11, receiving the gift of the Holy Ghost!!! THANK YOU JESUS!!!
Annnnnnnnnnnnd here they all are, MY NEW HOLY GHOST GIRLS...
wellllllll and MY HOLY GHOST PASTOR...Heh, heh!!!
God is sooooooooo good!!! I am soooooooooo thankful to him for pouring out His spirit once again!!! I am expecting God to continue to do great things in the lives of these children and at Landmark Pentecostal Church and I am sooooo grateful to be apart of His work...what an honor and privilege it truly is to have the opportunity to bring a soul to JESUS...IF ONE SOUL IS SAVED, IT'S WORTH IT ALL!!!

♥Mary Frances :)