Wednesday, December 21, 2016

Happy Monday Update!!!

First of all, I wanna say that I am sooooooooooooo SORRY NOT POSTING last week...I don't know what or how but time just got away from me last week...sooooooo thank you for that continued to checking every day...You all still kept me at least a 1000 hits a day...THATS A LOT...and I feel bad for disappointing that many people EVERY DAY last week!!! Truly, I am sorry and YOU ALL are soooooooooooo AWESOME for forgiving me...ANNNNNNNND
Soooooooooooo to start off,
Soooooooooo this past week was a MEMORIAL in my weight loss journey, As of Wednesday, I am officially out of the 300's folks!!! I am sooooooooooo EXCITED!!! OF course, in my extreme excitement, this meant that I HAD to try on EVERYTHING in my closet...which would explain the picture below!!!
This is my official, 62 pounds lost picture!!! :)))
This is my before, BEFORE and after pic...not from this past August but from at least ten years ago!!!
I haven't decided if I'm going to start up my weight loss blog again or just do it on here, I don't want to bore the people that aren't interested with it but I do want to write about it, I may just do it once or twice a month on here and then make a page for it...Hmmmmm...suggestions welcomed!!! Also, people that want updated pics of ME and want to ask me about my weight loss and the surgery, feel free too...I'm very open and not embarrassed to talk about it!!!
Fun with our Wednesday night Bible classes!!!
Making pizza with John...His birthday tradition...Can't wait til he opens that shop!!!

This was seriously, THE WEIRDEST, LAMEST play everrrr...Its a famous playwright but if you ask me WHY it is, I'm telling you I have NO IDEA WHY!!! LOL Then to top it all off, there were NO PROPS!!! Your supposed to USE YOUR IMAGINATION!!! I'm like, UH NOOOOOOOOOO...this is NOT the imagination station and I use my IMAGINATION ALL THE TIME...this is time for YOU ALL to take REIGN of my crazy imagination and zone it on something...UGH!!! LOL
Of course, taking selfies!!!
Celebrating at CHEESECAKE FACTORY!!!
Built a fire all by myself...YAAAAAAAAYYY!!!
Of course HIKING!!!
Oh and  SOME MORE!!!
Having fun with my nephew!!!
Challenging people on FITBIT!!! heeeeey IF you have one send me an invite!!! Look me up!!! Shows me as Mary G. I believe!!!!
Always fun with and love with this little one!!!
Enjoying the season!!!!
This was such a fun little play put on by the Fountain Hills Youth Theatre!!!
Having fun with my little man!!!
Annnnnnnnnnd he found a new place to hang out...MY BACK...buuuuut that's better than his obsession with my eyelashes!!! BAHAHAHAHA!!!
annnnnnnnd OF COURSE, enjoying listening to Adventures in Odyssey!!! The club has up all their Christmas stories and I've listened to the whole album like 10 times...NO JOKE!!! for some good AUDIO DRAMA!!!
Oh ANNNNND my comment was actually read on the last Audio Theatre Central Podcast!!! Talk about feeling COOL!!! The funniest part was when my pastor texted me like, Really, you dissed Renae today?! (AIO CLUB new character) I was like, you LISTEN TO THEM???? BAHAHAHA!!! That's awesome!!! Go listen to them and also check out all the latest Christmas audios they talk about!!!
Weeeeeeeeeeeeellllllllllll that's basically it going on in my life...everything is busy, busy, BUSY with last minute Christmas stuff!!! I started baking our families tradition Italian Christmas cookies with my brother this past week! Christmas shopping finally DONE...ANNNNNNNNNND... Christmas cards...YES, CHRISTMAS CARDS...I NEVERRRR do them....buuuuuuut...I was inspired this year on Sunday and VOILA...they're in the mail...about ten left over if anyone wants one email or text me your address!!! Have a WONDERFUL WEEKEND  and THE MERRIEST CHRISTMAS EVERRRRR!!! I promise my blog will be back to normal SOON!!! God bless and REMEMBER, JESUS IS THE REASON FOR THE SEASON!!!

♥Mary Frances :)
P.S. Yes, HAPPY MONDAY update, ON WEDNESDAY EVE...heeeeeey better late than NEVERRRRR!!! Heh, heh!!! ;))))