Friday, January 6, 2017

Where the wooden spoons DIED...

As I had mentioned a month or so ago HERE that all the wooden cooking spoons were missing, we randomly discovered WHERE most of them were... So you see this couch that we have in our living room, its MASSIVE and in the middle, there is a HUGE space between the couch and the wall...
We happened to look behind there and MY OH MY... the death of MANY wooden spoons was there behind the couch!!!
Apparently, SOMEONE or a FEW SOMEONES, felt the need to find a burial spot for all our WOODEN SPOONS!!! AHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!! I'm happy to report though, that MOST of them of had a MIRACULOUS, RESSURECTION BACK TO LIFE!!! BAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!! I'm telling you all, we serve a MIRACLE-WORKING GOD!!! Heh, heh!!!! ;))))

♥Mary Frances :)