Wednesday, February 1, 2017


Weeeeeeeeeeelllll today is FEBRUARY 1st!!! Valentine's Day is COMING UP!!! Annnnnd this is my 3rd favorite holiday!!! My birthday IS FIRST, THEN CHRISTMAS...HEE, HEE!!! ;) I love Valentine's Day because it is a day to celebrate LOVE!!! Annnnnnnnd LOVE is sooooo much more to me than JUST BETWEEN a man and a woman!!! I have sooooo much love in my life ande I LOVE having a day to celebrate it!!! This year I am planning a FAMILY Valentine's Day party, SUPERRRRR EXITED about it!!!
Sooooooooooooo Anywayz, I figured everyone is DYING to know what to get me for Valentine's Day RIGHT????  I knew it, soooooo let me help you all out, I only have ONE REQUEST...
Aren't they BEAUTIFUL???
Stunningly GORGOUS!!!
IF for some reason you don't think you could arrange to get one to me here in ARIZONA, OR if they don't grow here, you COULD juuuuuuust take me on a trip and full photo shoot with these trees!!! IF you can't afford EITHER of those ideas, Hello Kitty, Shopkins, anything GLITTERY,BRIGHT, CUTE, FLUFFY OR PINK will probably get me happy too...HEE, HEE!!!

♥Mary Frances :)