Friday, February 10, 2017

NYC-Little Italy!!!

okaaaaaaaaaaaay soooooooo our second day in NYC was probably one of my favorites, besides my cousin's actual wedding day!!! It started off with an ADVENTURE, annnnnnd I LOOOOOVE adventures!!! LOL!!!
We're at the subway station in Forest Hills when a police officer announced that he didn't know exactly what was going on buuuuuut that Subway would NOT be stopping at the 71st due to a bomb threat, he was very calm when he told everyone buuuuut all the New Yorkers proceeded to FREAK OUT...because there was a BOMB THREAT??? NOOOOOOOOOOOOO...BECAUSE HOW WERE THEY SUPPOSED TO GET TO WORK NOW????
No joke peeps, no one even flinched about the bomb threat, they'['re just like, What?! No subway?! How are we supposed to get to work now?! Where are we supposed to go? Where is the subway stopping next??? This is when the police officer just loses it!!! He screams out, I DON"T KNOW!!! I HAVE NO IDEA!!!! I'm JUST THE BEARER OF THE NEWS!!!! ALL I KNOW IS THERE WAS A BOMB THREAT AND EVERYONE NEEDS TO EVACUATE...NOOOOOOOOOOOOW!!!!
This proceeded us to follow the crowd of grumbling New Yorkers to the bus stop!!! I'm like, T, lets get on, she's like, to where?! I'm like, IDK...we got a metro card...LETS JUST GO!!! Annnnnd soooooo with my AMAZING ADVICE, WE DID!!! Hee, hee!!! This was very exciting for me cuz this was literally THE FIRST time I've ever ridden a city bus!!!
Annnnnnnd some how we eventually managed to get to our destination of LITTLE ITALY!!!

This was in a garden in the house we were renting from...
This was the front of the house and we rented their apartment in the basement, it was pretty nice!
I love New York Architechture, its so pretty!!!

So pretty!!!
I realized I've lost quite a bit of weight since then...YAAAAAAY!!!
I thought this was a really funny place to take pics...just the scenery was so EPIC!!! LOL!!!

Hey Stultz LOOOOOOK...I'm down to JUST ONE CUP!!!
This was soooooo much FUNNNNN!!!
We stopped at this little Italian place and ate off the sidewalk table while it drizzled rain...OOOOOH I LOOOOOOVED IT!!!
Me getting excited about this HUGE giant Canoli....
If you don't know what a Canoli is, YOU ARE NOT ITALIAN....
I like ADORE this pic of myself...So cuuuute...soooooo YUMMMMMMYYY!!!!

Good food EVERYWHERE!!!

If you want to experience GOOD food...

Canolis and bakeries GALORE!!!

In the end, its a HUGE WONDER...
It must be a combination of them being immuned to the fact that their is so much deliciousness everywhere and the fact that New Yorkers WALK A LOT...I mean A LOT!!!

A double NUTELLA latte...can we say, YUMMMM????
This chics hair was soooooo awesome I HAD to get a pic!!! She was like already 6'2 annnnnd then just ROCKING the pony!!! I was like, YOU GO GIRL!!!

That evening at my aunt and uncle's house for the rehearsal dinner party...they had really good food that I think was either Puerto Rican OR Cuban, I can't remember, buuuuut I LOOOOOVE trying foods from different ethnicities, its sooooooo FUNNNNNN!
My adorable little cousin, my cousin Cara's oldest daughter...She kept saying CHEESE for the pics and New Friends, NEW FRIENDS!!! SHe was saying that over and over again as she fell asleep that night...AWWWWW!!!
I always have loved this little poem my Aunt Ellie had cross-stitched it for my grandma...I wanna do something like this one day for my mother-in-law, NOT cross stitching buuuut the poem!!! Annnnnnnd I already had strict orders from my mom before she died to MAKE SURE I called my mother in law MOM and NOT by her first name, EVERRRR!!! yes Mom, I will remember that!!! ♥
This AWESOME CAKE for dessert, I think it was some kind of Italian was BOMB!!!
THen when it was all over I said, T the night is young, lets go walk Forest Hills to 71st street and see what we can see!!!
We ended up at this Ice Cream shop that lured me in due to the fact that they were advertising PEANUTBUTTER HOT CHOCOLATE...Duuuuude...I HAD TO TRY IT!!!
♥Mary Frances :)