Thursday, March 2, 2017

Kids say THE FUNNIEST things!!!

So last week I'm teaching my Bible class about when Peter denied Jesus!!! The kids in class are younger, 5-7 year olds, so they're having a little difficulty understanding the significance of how horrible this event was!!! This one girl is like, WEEEEELLLL Jesus told him that he was GOING TO DO IT, sooooooooo Peter was JUST OBEYING Jesus when he did it!!! LOL
Sooooo i'm like, NOoooooo Jesus didn't TELL PETER TO DO THIS TO HIM, he said that Peter WOULD DO IT because he wasn't truly strong enough to stand up for him! But Peter told Jesus that he NEVER would deny him, buuuuut only a few hours later HE DID!!!
Then to really help explain it to them, I'm like, Imagine YOUR VERY BEST FRIEND, and someone asks YOUR BEST FRIEND IF THEY KNOW YOU and YOU are embarrassed of your very best friend and YOU SAY, I don't KNOW HER!!! Wouldn't that make you feel sad??? The kids ALL nod their head very seriously, annnnnd this other girl gasps...her mouth is hanging open...Her eyes narrow...I can see that the light bulb has FINALLY GONE OFF IN HER HEAD and she says...
Can't say I've never been denied by the sibs either!!!

♥Mary Frances :)