Saturday, March 25, 2017

Kifle wedding!!!

Congratulations to my friends, Pastor Kifle(Coco) and Audrey Kifle!!! May God bless your marriage, may you have lots of children and most importantly, may God use you two to bring many souls to heaven!!! Thanks for the years of friendship, many fun times and memories but most importantlym to me, thank you for the prayers and support during the sickness of my mom and for making tge extra effort for flying out and attending her funeral, that meant the world to me!!!
The wedding was beautiful and these two make a stunning couple together!!! Of course I'll do a whole blog post when I get back and more partying the rest of this weekend buuuuuut yeah the wedding was great and IMPORTANT FACT: the food was soooooooo good!!! And I ate waaaaaaaaayyyy to much...I started off with what's IMPORTANT  at the dessert bar and basically could only take a bite of the real food...but those bites were GOOD BITES!!! Lol