Friday, June 23, 2017

May 2017 Weight Loss Update!!!

Soooooooooo in May, I joined JABZ, Fitness boxing for woman...YES...BOXINING and I loooooove it!!! It's NOT like what  you think, it's more like, used as a form of exercise
YES, I accessorize WHEN I excercisee...hee, hee!!!

I did manage to get in a few more GOOD hiking sessions!!!

Dave's killer bread/ guys should try them!!!

I also tried Orange Theory Fitness which I really enjoyed, buuuuuuuuuut, it was too expensive to do both and since Jabz is all woman, I decided to just stick with that for now...
 buuuuut Orange Theory is definitely a very cool workout too!!!
Basically you wear a heart monitor and you want to go into the Orange (Fat burning) zone while you work out! What I liked about it is cuz your name is on a screen and you can see if your in that zone and if your not it pushes you to do more until you are!!!

definitlySooooooooo basically for the month of May I lost INCHES but no actual weight...which can be a bummer until you start trying on clothes...Hee, hee!!!

Basically there are sooooo many other things I want to try!!! I want to get a bike, I want to try Zumba, Pilates and cross body fitness and I want to take a volley ball class, and weight training class its so much fun being able to this stuff!!! I just need MORE MONEY AND MORE TIME...HEE, HEE!!! Weeeeeeeelllllll that was MAY...I'll let  you know soon what all goes for June!!!
♥Mary Frances :)