Thursday, July 27, 2017

Birthday CMM!!!

So last Tuesday, on my birthday, YES, I had a birthday, SWEET 34, I had a TOTAL CLASSIC MARY MOMENT!!!
So I was up getting ready for work, I'm putting my shoes and socks on, I put on one sock, one shoe and then I go to my next foot to put on the shoe but FIRST I reach on my lap for my other sock buuuuuuut its NOT there!
I'm like, WHAT? I just had it in my lap! Where could it be??? So I reach behind me, NOT THERE! I look on both side of my lap, NOT THERE!!! I look on the floor around me, NOT THERE!!! I'm like, WHAT IN THE WORLD??? So I get up and look ALL OVER MY ROOM, at the moment, IT'S NOT NOW, buuuuuuut at the moment, my room was SPOTLESS, buuuuuuut much to my avail, NO SOCK ANYWHERE!!! I'm like, WOW, this is soooooooooooo WEIRD!!!
Buuuuuuuuuuuuuut whateverrrrrr, I go to my drawer to get another sock, because AFTER ALL, mismatching is IN! I get the sock and sit down to put the NEW SOCK ON, and when I reach down to put it on my foot, and WHEN I DO THIS, I discovered the most amazing thing everrrrrrr...
Yes, my friends, that is correct, I couldn't find my sock BECAUSE, it was ALREADY ON MY FOOT!!!

I laughed sooooooooo hard!!! Perfect gift from God to have a Classic Mary Moment on my birthday, like, in honor of my MARYNESS on the day it all started, the day I was born!!! :)))))
♥Mary Frances :)