Tuesday, July 18, 2017

June Weight Loss Update!!!

You guys, I DID IT!!!
June 27th, 2017, I HIT 277!!!
This may NOT seem like a big deal to you all buuuuuuut let me explain to you all that this was a HUGE deal for me!!! This is THE SMALLEST I have been MY WHOLE ENTIRE TEEN AND ADULT LIFE!!! Possibly even longer but I have no record of my weight before 8th grade!!!
I'm Not going to lie, I did actually cry!!! Its such a huge deal for me! In 8th grade I went on this HUGE Slim Fast, (Did I ever tell you guys WHY I will never drink Slim Fast again??? LOL Lets just say we were low on cash, and I needed Slim Fast, buuuut NO MONEY to buy it, weeeeeeelllll MOM thought God had truly blessed me, WHEN SHE FOUND ME SLIM FAST AT A YARD SALE....and lets just say that after slugging those, outdated, chunky Slim Fasts down for like a month, I HAVE NEVERRR been able to even smell a can of Slim Fast, WITHOUT GAGGING!!! AHAHAHAHA!!! ) fat free diet and got down to the low 280's buuuuut after that I just could NOT push past that weight, I came to a big plateau and for months I could not push through it, instead of being able to maintain my weight loss, I slowly began gaining, till I had gained all my weight back and kept on gaining, til I was out of high school and in my early 20's I found myself weight 408 pounds. This was one of THE MOST HORRIBLE feelings in the world but I felt sooooo hopeless about losing weight! I was HUGE and it seemed like an impossibility to get out of! EVEN IF I lost 100 pounds, I WOULD STILL be over 300 pounds!!!
Then I got diabetes and because my sugar was so high and also combined with a big heart breaking-break up with someone I was supposed to marry, I dropped about 50 pounds without even trying. This was around 2008 and with a very nice compliment from a very kind and good looking guy, I decided to ACTUALLY TRY losing weight, through multiple weight loss techniques and programs I began to get down in weight, I got down to about 326, then in 2011, someone told me abut HCG, it was a rigorous program that got me down to what I had gotten down to in 8th grade, THE LOW 280's...
and once again, I hit a plateau that I could NOT push through, for MONTHS I was stuck in THE SAME SPOT without budging, I was sooooooooooooo HUNGRY and NOT losing any more weight, I maintained my weight loss for about a year and then slowly the weight began to come back on. For the last 4 years or I would gain and lose and regain and relose THE SAME 30 pounds, till the past summer, August 25th, after two years of research, indecicness, prayer, talking to A LOT of people, going to support groups, I FINALLY made the decision to have weight loss surgery...
For 6 months before the surgery, I met once a month with a medical weight loss nurse practicioner, I told her about how I always got stuck in this same spot and that I could NEVER break past this point in weight loss and that I just got stuck there and would be sooooo hungry and she told me that this time, I would most likely, once again hit a plateau at that point, buuuuut that this time it would be different, BECAUSE THIS TIME, even tho I was stuck there, THIS TIME, I would be able to maintain my weight loss through the plateau because THIS TIME, I would NOT feel hungry!!!
ANNNNNND she was right!! This time, I once again GOT stuck IN THE SAME spot, I always got stuck in, the low 280's I was there for about 3 months, BUUUUUT this time, I was able to do what I had never done before...
I PUSHED THROUGH MY PLATEAU!!! This time I broke through my barriers!!!
This is my official 277 picture!!!
I know the outfit isn't anything to exciting buuuut I was in my workout and babysitting clothes and they had to make do for recording this, "BREAKING BARRIERS" moment in my life!!!

Driving to work I started crying!!! You guys have NO IDEA how amazing it felt!!! My mom would have been sooooooooooooooo PROUD OF ME!!! She wanted this for me soooooo badly!!! I could just imagine what she would have said, ALRIGHT MARY!!! And she would have put her hand in a fist and done this shake, I know JUST HOW she would have done it!!!
This was the dress that I wore the next day to church tho...A LITTLE bit more exiting of a "BREAKING BARRIERS" outfit...Hee, hee!!!
Annnnnnnnnnd this was the outfit I wore that Sunday, okaaaaaaaaaaay LOOOOVE this shirt, it's like really simple buuuuuut super feminine and pretty to me!!!
Soooooooooooo here I am with shingles,  sipping my Starbucks fruit drinks and nothing else...LOSING WEIGHT...HEEEEEEEEEYYY! LOL
Soooooooooooo yeah you guys, if you hit a plateau in your weight loss, I HIGHLY RECCOMEND GETTING SHINGLES...It'll just push you right through to that NEXT LEVEL!!!
When the dress that you've waited for like, 7 YEARS to fit you, FINALLY FITS YOU, and then you try it on and IT FINALLY FITS, buuuuuuut you look in the mirror and your like, OMW, THIS IS THE UGLIEST DRESS EVERRRR...sooooooooooo you decide to just iron and consign it...bahahahaha!!!
Idk, I just don't like ruffles like that, I like ruffles trimming my clothes or like, at the bottom of my skirt, my sleeves, my cuffs, buuuuuuut that's just TOO MUCH! And its not very flattering my frame, ya gotta have the right frame for those kinda ruffles, annnnnd I DO NOT GOT EM!!! LOLOLOL!!!
Loving this shirt from Walmart, it says YAY CARDIO... Said NO ONE EVER!!! AHAHAHAHA!!!
I loved this outfit!!!
Soooo this was superrrrr exciting BECAUSE, I waited FOREVERRRRR for this yellow shirt to fit and NOW, it looks best with a belt on the waist..TEAR!!! :,)))))
Ash excited during babysitting cuz she can fit her hands all the way around my waist now!!!
Yup...BOXING!!! Whoop, whoop!!!
This has been good for the summer, buuuuut I CAN NOT WAIT TO GET BACK TO HIKING!!! Just a few more months, THEN CAMELBACK, HERE I COME!!!
Can't wait to tell you about July...Yes, this is my birthday month, buuuuut I'm determined to STILL reach my monthly goal of 5 pounds lost!!! My next goal is to be down to 274 by August 1st! I'm not looking for fast results, I'm looking for slow and steady, losing weight and NEVER FINDING IT AGAIN, maintaining and changing my life for good!!! My goal is to make HEALTHY HABITS and to maintain a ACTIVE LIFESTYLE and in Jesus name I'm going to teach this to my children so they don't have to go through all the struggle that have been through! I will change and educate myself, so I can then teach them!!!

♥Mary Frances :)