Wednesday, September 13, 2017

August weight loss update!!!

Weeeeeeellllll August 25th I celebrated my ONE YEAR ANNIVERSARY since my weight loss surgery!! 
85 pounds in one year!!! To say that I and a lot of people expected me to be further than this in one year is TRUTH!!! There are people that lost 100 pounds in 6 months, buuuuuuuut FOR ME, weight loss surgery was NEVER MAGIC!!! It just has made it POSSIBLE to push through and keep going! I think FOR ME, its better this way. This way I've never had to NOT be in the habit of WORKING to lose weight!!! I have time to adjust and get used to slowly seeing myself change...
Things I accomplished this past year:
85 pounds lost
I'm the smallest I've been my WHOLE teen and adult life!!! 
Diabetic FREE
Blood pressure 115/85
Became a hiker
FIT ON ALL THE RIDES I've been DYING to ride on for years but NEVER FIT!!! (Silver bullet, Supreme Scream, Ghost Rider, #norideleftbehind
No more seat belt extension on the airplane
Don't need caffeine in the mornings anymore
Started wearing belts, BECAUSE I CAN NOW!!! 
Went down to a size 11 shoe
Run the aisles faster and be able to jump and dance MORE at church!!!
Building a healthy/active lifestyle
Future goals:
Lose 5 pounds a month
Run the Fountain Hills Turkey Trot
Run in a Color Run
Hike Camelback Mountain
Hike Squaw Peak Mountain
Get to 260 so I can go in a zorbing ball at Bump and Roll
Get down to 250 so I can go HORSEBACK RIDING
Get down to 220 so I can HIKE DOWN the Grand Canyon and ride the burros back up(220 is the weight limit to ride their burros)
Start bike riding
Learn how to play volley ball really well
Go white water river rafting (Ok I could probably do that NOW, I just gotta wait for an opportunity!!!
Cross my legs all dainty lady like LOL 
BMI in the 30's (Okaaaaay so that's doc's goal LOL)
My GOAL SIZE IS: HEALTHY WITH A SIDE OF FLUFF!!! (Okay soooo the credit for that goes to Hanna) OR TAILORED FLUFFY!!! (Submitted by Stultz)I Like both of these because they indicate ME in THE HEALTHIEST VERSION OF ME!!!(I had a few of my own ideas A few others that I liked were, Slenderly-fluffy, Fun size fluffy(Except that indicates me being little, which i'm NOT ever going to be, I mean, I'm NOT a little person!) Light and Fluffy!!!
One thing that has always been very important to me in this journey was that I remained ME!! They said that there are a lot of times personality changes in people when they have HUGE weight loss and that HORRIFIED ME!!! I don't want my personality to change, I LOVE BEING ME!!! I am happy to say that I consulted separately with two of my closest friends and they both said that they don't see ANYTHING in my personality that has changed, aside from being more health consciencous and active!

Anything annoying about losing weight???
UH nooooooooooo!!! Well, the only thing was when my first pair of shoes were TOO BIG!!! I wasn't exactly excited about having to buy new shoes, its NOT like people are like, OMW, you lost so much weight, I can see it on your feet!!! LOL 
Also, people think when you have weight loss surgery that its just MAGICAL and that you now have it MADE IN THE SHADE!!! Its NOT like, that! It IS WORK! Buuuuut it's like an opportunity to get help and its UP TO YOU to receive it!!! You have to grab a hold of it and take advantage of the opportunity you have!!!
Would I recommend weight loss surgery???
FOR ME, it was one of THE BEST, scariest, hardest, BUUUUUT BEST decisions I ever made!!! IF you are considered morbidly obese, and have tried over and over again to lose weight but NOT getting were you need to be, I would say to study it, research it, get educated on it, seek council and PRAYERFULLY consider it!!! For 10 years I tried my hardest to lose weight. In my early 20's I was 408, I got down 50 pounds but spent basically 10 years going up and down with another 50 pounds. If you chose to do this, don't go the cheap route and just get it done in a forigen country unless they are equipped and monitoring you the same way they do here. Don't make your decision on a whim! Understand that this is NOT a quick fix! It's NOT magic, YOU WILL HAVE TO WORK! (Although, NOT as much as some people depending on your body, ESPECIALLY if your male, my surgeon tells me every visit, I'm Sorry, don't hate me, woman just lose weight MORE SLOWLY!
Also, don't do it unless you are ready to say GOOD BYE to carbonated drinks, alcohol, cigarettes, and certain medicines FOREVERRRR!!!
And go in to it knowing that there will be people that think you took "THE EASY WAY OUT!" They will criticize your decision, IGNORE THEM!!!
Also know that, weight loss surgery and losing weight WILL NOT give you good self esteem, yes it can help, BUUUUT, it's NOT magic, only YOU can see that your value comes from being created by God, no surgeon, diet or mirror can do that for you!!! 

.I love being brave and wearing whatever colors I want now...I NEVERRRR would have worn that mustard gold before...
Annnnnnnnnnd I LOOOOOOVe having funnnnnn!!!
Aside from being healthy, my main goal aside from all the cute outfits I can now wear, my main goal for weight loss, is for me NOT to be hindered from any activities, BECAUSE OF MY WEIGHT!!! I don't want my weight to hinder me. I want to create healthy habits I can live with for life and live an active lifestyle!!! #Norideleftbehind #Iwillcrushthatmountain
♥Mary Frances :)