Wednesday, December 27, 2017

Why'd it break?!

Sooooooooooo a few weeks ago we had a kids service and Bro. Seth did a cool object lesson with the kids, he called up one of the kids and had her stand on a red plastic cup, which of course crushed it...buuuuut then he got a whole group of cups, lined them up, put a board on top of it and had her stand on it, LO A BEHOLD they held her, well its Kensie, she probably only weighs 40 pounds LOL, buuuuut then Bro. Seth got on it and it held him too...The lesson was that we are STRONGER when there is MORE OF US UNIFIED TOGETHER...
Sooooooooo he asked the kids, WHY do you think the first cup broke when Kensie stepped on it??? The kids are like, Ummmmm...thinking...Then one of my kids just yells out, BECAUSE,
It was just a really funny moment!!! LOL 

♥Mary Frances :)