Tuesday, February 20, 2018

Celebrating two years!!!!

This past Saturday, February 17th, marked my mom's second year in heaven!!! 
I had signed up for the Zoyo Froyo run and was pleased to see that it was on her Heaven anniversary!!!! I decked out in her favorite color, LAVENDER and of course my bling-bling running skirt and put a message for her on my hat!!!
Celebrating 2 years in heaven

This run was through Zoyo Frozen Yogurt at Tempe Town Lake...at the end of the race, aside from medals, Zoyo gave us all Zoyo Sundays!!! 
Running, running, running...remembering...OH YEAH...that's what I meant to do this week..BUY NEW SNEAKERS...I knew I had forgotten to do SOMETHING!!! LOL 
Completed my second 5K in 57 minutes!!! 
I'm sooooooo PROUD of my finisher's medal!!! 
Now on the wall in my room!!! 
Zoyo asked, WHAT toppings would you like on your frozen yogurt???
I know that being able to do these runs may not seem like a big deal, buuuut I LOOOOVE doing them, IF ONLY BECAUSE...NOW I CAN!!!! I know my mom would be sooooo happy that I'm getting my health in order, that was her dying wish for all of her kids!!!
I wish that she had been able to get her health back and we could have done these races together, buuuuuut even though we'll never run a race here together on earth, one day, We'll be running together, ON STREETS OF GOLD!!!
Next race the Donut 5K Race!!!
They have THE CUTEST finisher's medal too!!! 
♥Mary Frances :)