Tuesday, February 13, 2018

When your cup is STILL full...

Sooooooo I've been on a water drinking kick lately annnnnd according to the "health" people, your supposed to drink half your weight of water in ounces, my weight is 250ish, that's 125 ounces of water a day, which JUST AIN'T HAPPENING unless I literally live and sleep in the bathroom...ahahaha...They're all telling me this and I'm thinking like, OKAAAAAAAAY obviously your NOT following this rule yourself IF you still have your job...cuz IF you were following this rule you would be running to the bathroom ever 10 minutes.BAHAHAHAHAAA!!!
Anywayz, I am TRYING to at least drink A LOT MORE water than I have been, so I drank all these 24 oz cups of water, then when I got to Starbucks yesterday, I went through my car and gathered up all the trash in my car to throw away. As I'm throwing all these empty water cups into the trash, I notice that the last cup I toss in is feeling pretty heavy still! I was like, AWWWW maaaaaan... I thought I DRANK ALL THE WATER out of these cups before I threw them away.
I'll be HONEST with you all, the thought of ACTUALLY taking the cup out of the trash and finish up the water went through my head, buuuuuuut then I was like, NAAAAWWW, I can't do that...it's IN THE TRASH MARY...there's like, germs and stuff...buuuuuut....I did glance at my water cup one last time before I walked away...
Annnnnnnnd my eyes widened in disbelief in what I saw in the cup...
It was NOT water in my cup that was making it so heavy,
I HAD drank it all, it was...
Yes peeps, I had THROWN out my cell phone!!! Annnnnd NO I did not give a second thought about the germs on it, I reached in and grabbed it!!! AHAHAHAHAHAHAAAA!!!
Sooooooooooo my friends, if THINK you drank ALL your water, buuuuuuuut your cup is still FULL, look INSIDE, you never know what you'll find it!!! Who knows, it could be something of value, like a CELL PHONE or something...HEEEEEEEEYYY!!!!

♥Mary Frances :)