Monday, April 2, 2018

Happy Monday!!!

Soooooooooo you don't realize HOW addicted you are to decide NOT to drink it!!! I decided for the month of April to do a DRINK FAST!!! This is my own terminology to abstain from ALL drinks aside from water!!! That means, NO COFFEE, NO BOBA, NO TEAS, NO REFRESHERS, NO JUICE!!! AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHH!!!!
Happy Monday! coffeelover caseofthemondays disney cinderella
I'm already SOOOOOOOO regretting my decision to do this, THE ONLY thing that has kept me going was hearing my sister say, IT WON'T LAST!!! That was THE ONLY THING that kept me from making coffee this morning, THE ONLY!!! LOL Buuuuuuuut i'm done with day 2 ONLY 30 MORE TO GO...Okaaaaaaaaaay NO I CAN'T COUNT!!! AHAHAAAAA!!!
♥Mary Frances :)